SMD's "Errebuddy post yo roster guesses here" thread

I'm gonna make a fanpost where everyone can post their ideal 53 man rosters, so we can avoid 103829182 53 man roster fanposts. Let me start out after the jump.


Cutler, Campbell, McCown

Forte, Bush, Allen

Rodriguez, Davis, Spaeth, Adams

Marshall, Hester, Jeffery, Bennett, Weems, Thomas (Knox)

Webb, Carimi, Brown

Louis, CDub, Rachal, Spencer

Garza, EWill


Peppers, Izzy, McClellin, Davis, Wootton

Paea, Melton, Toeania, Price

Lach, Briggs, Roach, Castonzo, Geno, DeCicco

Tillman, Jennings, Hayden, Moore, McCoy

Conte, Wright, Harden, Steltz, Scrub ST safety




There you have it. Now post all of yours

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