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Hall of Fame Game: Cardinals vs Saints (Open Thread)

"They're playing it this year? Really? Screw that then."
"They're playing it this year? Really? Screw that then."

No, the name of one of the teams playing tonight's game is not "the Bears," but it is the second sign that football is coming out of that dark dark time between the draft and the regular season - the first preseason game of the year, and the one that bit the bullet last year during the whole CBA/players versus owners mess - you know, the one the Bears were supposed to play in, right?

Richard Dent didn't get to watch his former team hit the field the day after his inauguration, but Willie Roaf gets to watch of one of his former teams as the Saints take on the Cardinals. Expect lots of discussion of the Saints' bounty scandal punishments.

That being said, enjoy football. We have our turn Thursday night. Tonight's game is on NFL Network.

Here's your Open Thread; as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).