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Chicago Bears 53-Man Roster (All-Time)


What better way to kick-off the "My 53-Man Roster Prediction" season, by dropping an all-time roster list for the Chicago Bears? You'll notice some things right away when perusing my selections. Some decisions may look odd, such as Jim McMahon not making the selection, or Mike Brown getting left off in favor of Charles "Peanut" Tillman.

You'll also probably notice that some of the players were selected at one positions, even though they were outstanding two-way, or even three-way, players, such as: Red Grange, George McAfee, George Connor and Clyde "Bulldog" Turner, among others. Even Dan "Danimal" Hampton was an outstanding versatile player at both DE and DT. Some decisions had to be made, some players made the cut, some didn't. Jump with me to see who made it, and who didn't.

QB: (3) Luckman | Cutler | Kramer
RB: (4) Payton | Sayers | Forte | Anderson
WR: (6) Marshall | Hill | Morris | Conway | Gault | Kavanaugh
TE/FB: (4) Ditka | Hewitt | Nagurski | Caseres
C: (2) Hilgenberg | Turner
OG: (4) Jones | Sorey | Fortmann | Thayer
OT: (4) Van Horne | Stydahar | Lyman | Covert

Bubble players that didn't make the cut: Musso, Bortz, Trafton, Healey, Driscoll, Blanda, McMahon, Galimore, Kreutz, Bray, Booker

DT: (4) Hampton | Williams | Chambers | McMichael
DE: (4) Atkins | Dent | Peppers | Sprinkle
LB: (8) Butkus | Singletary | George | Urlacher | Connor | Fortunato | Wilson | Briggs
DB: (9) Caroline | Fencik | Petitbon | Taylor | Plank | McRae | McAfee | Grange | Tillman

Bubble players that didn't make the cut: Williams, Washington, Woolford, Ellis, Brown, T. Harris, Buffone, Marshall

PR/KR: Hester (subbed by Sayers, McAfee & Grange)
LS: Mannelly
K: Gould
P: N/A (we'd never punt!)*

*All kidding aside, if I had to choose a punter then Brad Maynard would slightly edge out Paddy Driscoll on my boards. And in that case, I'd probably either drop Ken Kavanaugh (WR) or Charles Tillman (DB).

Sound off, WCG... what changes would you make to this list? Be sure to factor in that you have to remove someone to add someone, and that you need to field a full team (not just a squad of 24 RBs, 24 LBs and 5 KRs). So, in your opinion, who did I leave off that definitely deserved a spot on the final all-time 53?