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Brian Urlacher Interview

I posted this earlier, but we were worried that you may have missed it. Be sure to take a read of this interview with Bears Middle Linebacker, Brian Urlacher.

Austin: In the NFL today, players change teams so often, yet you've played for the Bears your whole career. What does loyalty mean to you and what would it mean to play your entire career for the Bears?

Brian: Well I'm not going anywhere else, I know that much. I think it's awesome to play your whole career with one team, you know, and that doesn't happen very often these days. You see great players going to other teams, Tomlinson went to the (New York) Jets his last two years. Olin Kreutz left us and went to New Orleans for a year, so it's very rare, but I think I'll be able to stay here for my whole career.

Read the full interview.