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The Best of The Best of the In-Game Threads for the 2011 season

Brandon Marshall: "...And <em>then</em> I told them Devin Hester was going to have a bigger season than me!"
Brandon Marshall: "...And then I told them Devin Hester was going to have a bigger season than me!"

Laughter. Tears. Wanda. Jay's hair. Flaming squirrels. Juperee's halftime dumps on her neighbo(u)rs' doorsteps. Just some of the things that make WCG's in-game threads the place to be. I went through last seasons' compilations (courtesy of Just Dave and yours truly) and picked out a couple from each to remind us all of the japes to be had. The season may have tanked, but we never lost our sense of humo(u)r!

See more after the jump (click on the links to visit each original "Best of" post).

Preseaon games against the Bills, Giants, Titans, and Browns.

shawndgoldman: Is the starting OLine still in?
TheMan1: Did you not see all the sacks?

(The Artist Formerly Known As) Smudgers: Our offensive line is playing like it's made up of...a rookie, a couple of 7th round draft picks and a couple of guys playing out of their natural position. Oh, wait…

RexysMidnightRider: "The Raiders were one of the teams I wanted to play for." That should be a wrong answer on the wonderlic test.


Juperee: Jerseys on: check Bears magnet on garage door: check. Bears mailbox cover on for the season: check. Vikings neighbors pissed off: check. Bear down
Johnathan Thompson: WAIT You forgot to piss on their doorstep
Spongie: Halftime dump.
Juperee: Well, we're gonna have to get our drank and noms on if we're gonna get the whole hood... cuz almost all our neighbors are Vikes fans (or worse, Packers).

Game 1: Falcons, W 30-12

Bear Fan in Germany: AFN is actually broadcasting the Bears game here in Germany. I’m so happy I may even acknowledge my kids!

Juperee: I was sure it was a TD until Lovie challenged.

Bear Fan in Germany: Time to give the old lady the best 5 minutes of her life! Nothing like Victory sex!
(One minute later)
Bear Fan in Germany: I was a little off in my estimate. 2 minutes and a cig. I should probably buy her flowers.

Game 2: at Saints, L 30-13

(After a complaint about having to listen to Joniak on the radio)
Red Ivan: I muted the TV and pinched our baby ’til she screamed. Much better.

frenchbears113: There were 4 guys around the receiver. Why the hell did no one seem interested in keeping tabs on him
Spongie: They all picked him on their FF team.

Johnathan Thompson: Almost a safety
Maelvampyre: that's what they said about Wright

Game 3: Packers, L 17-27

Orange Shy Guy: That's not the kind of Jennings on Jennings action I was hoping for.

Maelvampyre: punting wanda with 5 seconds of hang time
Timothy Hockemeyer: I'll bet she has a surprised look on her face, too.
Maelvampyre: she is as constant as the northern star (that's from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare for you neanderthals)
Claudio Oliveira: Girls love some culture..and I think Wanda is not different.
Maelvampyre: yep she gets as wet as October when she hears soliloquies

Game 4: Panthers, W 34-29

Allie: Can we talk about how annoying the random splashes of Ugly ass pink are during October? I mean, everyone loves boobs, but do I really have to have football infested with pink to acknowledge that?

T.Moore: ANOTHER GAME of why angelo should be shipped to the south pole…
crackedcactus: North. We don’t want him to bother the penguins.
Spongie: He’d like it there. They jump out of the water.

Games 5 & 6: at Lions, L 13-24 / Vikings, W 39-10

Kevin Marroquin: lol im out of here [edit: fudge] this
gafferland: I guess I don’t blame you. I mean, how can the Bears recover from this 0-point deficit.

DutchBear: Either Harris is still feeling his hamstring or he's just not a 92 overall Madden safety

(What's better than an out-of-context quote that makes someone look like an awful human being? An out-of-context quote that makes a rival NFC North fan look like an awful human being, of course.)
Robert Rence: Girl Hitler is hot.

wildbilly: I love to see Jay stepping up in the pocket. Hell, I love to see a pocket!

lmfsilva: Finally a game where it doesn’t seem I’m playing Tecmo Super Bowl against someone who’s looking at my controller. All. The. Time.

Game 7: at Bucs, W 24-18

awfullyquiet: That Clutts kid... Where did he come from?
BearNecessities: his parents!

Fire Ron Turner: I have to go take a Martz...
Minds_Eye024: I fired one out at halftime.

ThorCo: Ahhh, the customary drive killing WR run

Game 8: at Eagles, W30-24

Dils: The O-line is getting it in!!!
Dane Noble: Doesn't that phrase have to do with sexual intercourse?
Allie: Every phrase does if you try hard enough
frenchbears113: Hehe "hard"

Hugh Heavens: Louis and the line is beasting today
Steve von Horn: I think Lance Louis is moving above mini Kit Kat bars on the list of things I like

Steve von Horn: If Major Wright and Brandon Meriweather tried to tackle each other, what would happen?
MPG: nothing. they'd miss.

Game 9: Lions, W 37-13

CurtisEnisFan: Harbaugh, this is the NFL! You can't just assault other coaches and onside kick it after every score like in video games.

juperee: Stafford's body language is
Basketball Smurf: that of an unperiled leader
juperee: Oops. I was trying to type a comment, but I was picked off by the enter button.

Game 10: Chargers, W 31-20

Allie: 3rd and 25? if they convert this I'mma riot
Bears-Cubs Bulls: Wonder what you rioting looks like?
Allie: a white cane and a lot of swearing

dsenchi: That's not pi? [Edit: Male bovine excrement]
Shuggs: It isn't 3.14854848595066
DaHamsta: Neither is Pi

Game 11: at Raiders. L 20–25

C-Razzle: I haven't seen Hanie get Orakpoed so we're still ok i guess.
whoyouthoughtiwas: Orakpo is a cheater. There is no way he has enough letters to make ‘neanderthal’.
VegasCubFan: that stupid neanderthal didn't even catch Orakpo's cheating. HAHA!
Allie: yes because that's what we take away from that commercial

Say Ramrod: This comment has nothing to do with the actual game. Jay Cutler has an incredible head of hair…
awfullyquiet: Really. For a blonde… It’s just so… There.
BOBdaBEAR: don't tell Allie
Allie: and killer green eyes
BOBdaBEAR: here we go

T.Moore: Why is the clock still going? He was out
Allie: everyone's trying to get the [Edit: fiddlesticks] out of Oakland before dark

Game 12: Chiefs. L 3–10

C-Razzle: I see Todd Haley, I wanna give him some tomato soup so he won't starve
T.Moore: Thought he said he will shave his beard....
CurtisEnisFan: He prefers "bum noveau".

suckmyditka: Enderle deserves a chance IMO
propheteer: Seriously? You're high.
suckmyditka: that's besides the point
lmfsilva: at this point, can't say I disagree. Even if he gets killed by his inability to move, that should at least open up a space on the roster.

propheteer: Wow. You're telling me McNabb can't be better than this garbage?
crackedcactus: McNabb isn't a funny name. If the Bears are going to play a Clown at QB I demand to be entertained.

Game 13: at Broncos, L 13-10 >_<

LostInSTL: Let's see the offense do... ANYTHING!!!!!!
BearNecessities: we see them go 3 and out a lot

VegasCubFan: You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down!!!! Except you Caleb Hanie!

Game 14: Seahawks, L 14–38

ECD: Has Jay Cutler stolen Hanie's equipment and snuck into the game?
Shuggs: Nah its him, he just overthrew a receiver

Allie: who gets the ball to start the second half?
iowaBear: Seahawks. We had a wonderful 3 and out to start the game

gafferland: I'm watching this with a serenity I never had in past weeks. I feel like how I’d feel if I was on a plane and the captain came on and said we were going down. Why panic? What good does it do? I’d just smoke a cigarette and quietly reflect on my life.
Steven Schweickert: Can't smoke on a plane.
Allie: what are they gonna do? kill you?

Game 15: at Packers. L 21–35

(The 2nd quarter thread went up at the same time as the first quarter one.)
iowaBear: Kev - if you've posted this already you've got to tell us from your perch in the future, how’s the 1st Qtr end? Are we up? Down? Did Hester take it to the house? Did our newest QB DOMINATE the Pack D?
Kev H: Shut up. I'm in a completely different time zone than I normally am. Also, you're banned.

BearNecessities: How many TDs on bowmans wr does it take before he goes away?
iowaBear: Well, to be fair, it’s been a different receiver every time. They are equal opportunity Bowman-exploiters

Game 16: at Vikings, W 17–13

Dils: I've never seen a seven step drop on a shotgun snap before
LostInSTL: It's the new strategy... to get Allen so tired after having to run the QB down from 15-20 yards on every play.

Steven Schweickert: So hey, can someone do me a favor and tell me how [Vikings QB Joe] Webb got that damn throw away?
Beer Down!: He pulled his arm back, move it forward, and let go of the ball…
Steven Schweickert: Sigh.

So, that was the season that was and we're a fun bunch. Preseason kicks off on Thursday evening so join in on the in-game thread for that if you can!