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The Bears Den: August 08, 2012 - Training Camp News and Notes


"...where either Dionne Miller is correct and Gould is taking snaps at NT, or Fox Chicago's web editors need to be replaced."

Bears training camp: Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler flourishing -'s Chad Reuter: Expect the Bears to be in the mix for a playoff spot in 2012.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses how Brandon Marshall's stats compare to Bears' all-time leaders, the "excellent" depth on the OL, and nickel back D.J. Moore's status in the secondary.

Peter King's TMQB - Mailbag, T.O., early impressions of Browns' new owner.

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Urlacher kneewatch 2012

Urlacher misses sixth straight practice - Excused from practice two days in a row for "personal reasons".

Urlacher Misses 6th Straight Practice; Concern Grows - Adam Hoge: Tim Jennings admitted that he’s starting to get concerned about Urlacher’s knee, also admitted that Urlacher is concerned about it, too.

Impossible to ignore Urlacher's absence - Jon Greenberg: "While the Bears try to play down Brian Urlacher's absence... it's tough not to try to be prescient and wonder whether this is how it all ends. Small injuries, missed practices and everyone trying to convince themselves that Superman's cape can't be torn."

Seasoned Roach equipped for MLB duties - With Urlacher sidelined, Nick Roach should be a suitable replacement Thursday. Team not looking for #54's replacement.

Linebacker crunch time: Roach, DeCicco getting extended time - Moon Mullin: As Urlacher continues to be sidelined, Nick Roach and Dom DeCicco have gotten a lot of time at middle linebacker and are benefiting from the extra work.

[Video] Hot Button: Concerns About Urlacher - Tom Waddle discusses the hot button issue of Brian Urlacher's knee and should the Bears be concerned. Tom Waddle is always right.

Brian Urlacher mystery raises more questions - Plus, camp notes.

Rosendoom: The Urlacher concern and plan - "He apparently has problems with the sprained ligaments in his left knee that was injured in a meaningless game in Minnesota on Jan. 1. No, wait, it wasn’t meaningless. Bears coach Lovie Smith said the win over the dogbreath Vikings made the Bears 1-0 in the 2012 season. No lie. That’s what Smith said. Remember?"

Camp notes

Receiver Golden making himself noticed - "Oh yeah, he's fast," special teams coach Dave toube[sic] said. "He may get punt returns; definitely kick return. But in the third and fourth quarter of the preseason game we'll get him in there." Sanzenbacher in fight for roster spot.

Tice wants 'clean' first game from offense - Tice: "I like to minimize the offsides." Oooo, you probably didn't want to keep the most offside starting LT of last season at LT, then.

Pass rush ready for a test drive in exhibition opener - Lovie Smith wants to see how Corey Wootton and the other young pass rushers perform in game action before he anoints them as key contributors.

Another Arena League dream to watch - The Bears just signed another Arena League player, inking DE Derek Walker to a one-year contract.

Nickel back D.J. Moore has competition from newcomer Kelvin Hayden - Said it took him a full year to get comfortable at nickel back. ThorCo to get comfortable in 3, 2, 1...

[Video] Moon Mullin on Urlacher, news from Bears camp - Bears will use opportunity to evaluate Roach, Hayes; Cutler will be expected to audible a lot; says Wootton has been "most impressive" in camp; and more.

[Video] Biggs and Bowen with latest from Bears camp - Expecting to see a lot of reps for draft picks in Thursday's game.

Spencer working to tame Bell's 'California wild' - RB coach Tim Spencer rides Kahlil Bell harder than any other player in his group. That being said, Spencer knows how Bell usually responds to constructive criticism: with a little more passion.

Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's Chicago Bears mailbag - Answers queries on Urlacher's knee, the RBs, the backup QB, the Packers' RB, Hardin, OL depth, Clutts, and the Bears' most dominant passing offenses.

[Video] CTL panel: How long should the first team go? - Kaplan warning.....

[Video] Kip Lewis, Moon Mullin preview preseason game 1 - How will Webb fare against speed rushers? What does Campbell have? How about we put the two of these questions together?

Backups will be tested in starters’ absence - ‘‘Everyone, for the most part, will play a little,’’ Lovie said. ‘‘We haven’t decided how many reps everyone will get. We have some tough decisions to make on the 53-man roster [and] on who starts — that’s what we’re looking for.’’

Veterans' absences Thursday create opportunities elsewhere - Moon Mullin: Hester, Urlacher and several other veterans don't figure to play on Thursday, which creates an opportunities for some borderline players to step up in game action.

For Webb, it is time, starting with Broncos speed demons - Moon Mullin: J'Marcus Webb had a game to forget last year against the Denver Broncos and the Bears LT is tasked with protecting his QB' blindside in the preseason opener against the Broncos Thursday.

Bears rookie CB Frey brings his lunch pail to work - Isaiah Frey has the ability and motivation to succeed in Chicago. See why Lovie Smith thinks the rookie is in the right environment to develop.

Dave Toub: We’re gunner be fine on special teams - Toub is looking for D.J. Moore and Rashied Davis to step up. I'm sorry, it's not my headline.

[Video] Bears Training Camp Report - Rachel Nichols beams like an idiot and talks like she's reporting celebrity gossip for TMZ.

Photos - Bears training camp - A Harvey Unga sighting!

[Video] Glazer: Bears Training Camp Update - Brandon Marshall and running game to make it difficult for opposing defenses this season; Defensive stars know this is their time. "Bears are a very impressive team."

NFCN Blog CampTour'12: Prepping for heavy nickel - Kevin Seifert: Plans to use the nickel help explain why the Bears loaded up at cornerback this offseason, amd didn't prioritize linebacker depth.

Silverman: The NFL’s Top Defenses - If the Packers, Saints or Patriots had won the Super Bowl by lighting up the scoreboard, the NFL’s landscape might look different this summer.

Bear Facts: S Major Wright - Tom Waddle: "Staying healthy is job one for Major. He has been inconsistent and must make significant improvement quickly if he wants to stay in the starting lineup. Wright must be more discipline[sic] in both the running game and defending the pass."

Everything else

Will we see the 'Inverted Veer' in the NFL? - Matt Bowen looks at the QB option 'Veer' scheme.

Family business a natural for Jeremy Bates, Bears - New QB coach part of long tradition of sons following dads into coaching. Lovie sounds like a proud papa as he rattles off the names and destinations of his staff's progeny.

Are training camp fights overhyped? - Matt Bowen's takes on the punches thrown on the practice field.

The top 10 running back rankings in 'Madden NFL 13' - Forte makes the cut.

Know thy enemy - 10 training camp questions about the Lions. The Detroit News are being cautious as regards playoffs hopes.

Know thy enemy - Football Outsiders' Lions Preview: "Schematically simple defense is dependent on outstanding individual performances; there may not quite be enough talent yet on that side of the ball for serious postseason success."

Know thy enemy - Lions already banged up in the backfield. Well, if you will insist on using easily- and oft-injured RBs.....

Know thy enemy - Matthews says Giants didn’t “beat” Packers, the defense simply relied too much on the offense. So, they didn't stop the Giants from scoring more points... which sort of sounds like the Giants beat them, doesn't it?

Know thy enemy - Packers shorten practice due to injuries.

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Tori Amos drops the f-bomb in this melancholy ballad.