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Preseason Game #1: Broncos at Bears - Pregame Open Thread

Is Jay Cutler doing the Dougie?
Is Jay Cutler doing the Dougie?

The NFL offseason has change over the years... For a long time, all we heard from the players was there intense workout routines, staying in shape, and trying to constantly get better. Nowadays, we hear about arrests, reality shows, fashion, tropical vacations, and contract disputes. Athletes have become public figures, and to a degree, entertainers.

With that being said, the Chicago Bears managed to stay out of the spotlight, mostly, over the last few months. The biggest issue was with RB Matt Forte's contract situation, which got ironed out in time for him to report to Camp. The only other headlines for the Bears have been football-related: Emery's moves, Urlacher's knee, McClellin's performance, Marshall's arrival, etc.

And now, we've got live football. It's time to evaluate Mike Tice's offensive line, Jeremy Bates' QB-WR mojo, and the young guys who will be fighting for a roster spot.

As we approach kickoff, let us know who/what you are most excited to see this evening...