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Reasons to Celebrate: Week 1 - Mike Tice

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We awarded this week's Game Ball to QB Jay Cutler, but easily could have given it to the entire offensive line for thier performance last week versus the Colts.

Let's rewind for a moment, back to the day the Chicago Bears announced they had hired Mike Martz to be their next Offensive Coordinator. While a few were reserved (and even fewer excited), most Bears fans were concerned, to say the least. But let's not dwell on the past, and turn the page. Enter Mike Tice.

I will go completely on record that I was not a big fan of promoting Tice to OC, as the guy had never been an OC in his life, and had never run a full-blown offense. But, bringing in Jeremy Bates helped alleviate some of that pressure, and Tice has more opportunity to focus on the OL and the running game.

If Game 1 was real, and the offense continues to run the way it did versus the Colts, the exit of Mike Martz and entrance of Mike Tice might be the best thing that's happened in the coaching ranks in Chicago since the Ditka era.