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NFL Power Rankings: Chicago Bears getting some top-10 love


Week one of the NFL season is a great time to see fan bases either declaring themselves Super Bowl bound, or throwing their hands up because their season is lost. We know that doesn't apply to any of us... Right? RIGHT?

With that said, what better time to take a look at some NFL Power Rankings than after the first game of the season? Here are a few that have given the Chicago Bears some love:

From SB Nation (Joel Thorman):

9. Chicago Bears (LW: 10): Huge potential in Chicago. I want to see them put it together against the NFC's elite. Thursday night in Green Bay will work.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco):

10. (13) Jay Cutler looked like a new man after a slow start. You think he loves have Brandon Marshall around?

Fox Sports (Brian Billick):

8. (12)After a rocky start, QB Jay Cutler settled down and showed how he will excel under the new offensive scheme of Mike Tice. He is now able to throw what he sees, rather than throwing to a predetermined spot in Mike Martz's system. And what did he see on Sunday? A lot of Brandon Marshall.


For comparison, they have the rest of the north ranked:

Lions: 14, 15, 15

Packers: 5, 7, 7

Vikings: 24, 27, 25


What are your thoughts on all of this top-10 attention the Bears have gotten?

2012 NFL Power Rankings Week Two: Ravens Triumph, Panthers Tumble (via sbnation)