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NFL Week 2- Bears at Packers: What to Watch for (Defensive Edition)

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Yesterday, we looked at the match-up between Jay Cutler and Dom Capers, and today we will focus on a defensive match-up for the Bears: Our pass rush versus Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

Last week, Rod Marinelli's front-4 were able to get significant pressure on rookie QB Andrew Luck, which led to the Bears secondary having a field day. But this week will be a lot different, as Aaron Rodgers is known to only get better the more pressure he is under.

Rodgers can extend plays with his feet, throw from any angle on the field, and be pin-point accurate throwing into small windows. The Bears love to bring the heat on passing downs, but Rodgers does some his best work on third down situations.

For our defensive match-up, it's the Bears front-7 versus QB Aaron Rodgers. Who has the advantage?