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Screw you, Brett Favre... It's Bears vs Packers tonight

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There are two things that will probably always be said about former Packers (and Jets, and Vikings) QB Brett Favre:

1- He was a helluva quarterback

2- He always seemed to crave attention, especially when it was least appropriate (AW'ing at it's finest)

Tonight, as we know, is one of the biggest games of the entire NFL season, as the Bears and Packers kick off Thursday Night Football at Lambeau Field. And then what happens two hours before kickoff? A tweet from Brett.

"At Oak Grove High School everyone is fired up for tomorrows football game against Gulfport. Go Warriors!"

Imagine that... A guy who hasn't tweeted (or had people in his camp tweet for him) in six weeks decides RIGHT NOW is the best time to say hello, and it has nothing to do with the NFL.

This is not an Open Thread, but feel free to add what your Tweet reply would be. Better yet, add #WCGBears to your actual Tweet to Brett Favre so we can keep track of the attention he gets.