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Bears fall to Packers 23-10 - Quick Recap

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Here's the quick recap. The Packers sucked for a while. The Bears sucked for a hell of a lot longer.

There'll be notes in the morning, but here's some quick highlights:

The Packers scored a TD on a fake field goal. Dave Toub likely to be arrested for murder in the morning.

Kellen Davis is not a receiving tight end. He's also not a blocking tight end, which makes him, well, not useful.

Speaking of blocking, the Bears didn't do it particularly often. When they did, it was still pretty slipshod, and forced Cutler to make the terrible jittery decisions that he typically does. Then he seemed to get in his own head and hold onto the ball for about three and one-half years.

Still speaking of blocking, J'Marcus Webb just smiles and doesn't pay attention when the quarterback is telling him to DO HIS JOB.

The Bears defense did what they needed to do most of the game. After a while, though, they got gassed and their lapses in concentration allowed the Packers to put it out of reach.

Quick stats after the jump.

Passing Cmp/Att Yds TDs
Aaron Rodgers 22/32 219 1 1INT
Jay Cutler 11/27 126 1 4INT
Rushing Attempts Yds TDS
Cedric Benson 20 81
Matt Forte 7 31
Michael Bush 14 54
Receiving Receptions Yds TDs
Jordy Nelson 6 84 0
Matt Forte 4 49 0
Cedric Benson 4 35 0
Jermichael Finley 4 26 0

Bears defense got five sacks.

Packers defense got seven. So Lester's got a lot of work ahead of him.