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The Bears Den: September 14, 2012 - Week 2 News and Notes

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"...where tramps like us, baby we were born to ruuuunnnnn... but apparently not against a D who are better at pass rushing than run defending, behind an OL who are better at run blocking than pass protection."

Cutler's play not equal to his big talk - David Haugh: Now would be a good time for Bears fans to tell their QB to please, please, please tone it down.

OL lets Bears down - Dan Pompei: Packers defense proves more than a match with Clay Matthews leading the way for seven sacks ... Webb got away with a couple of holds that were not called.

Bears must go back to the drawing board - Chris Burke: There’s no shame in losing at Lambeau; losing in this manner, however, is another issue.

Consensus Power Rankings from Bolts from the Blue- Whoa, tons and tons of neat graphics and stats here. Luckily, it was made before the Bears got their butts kicked last night.

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Green Bay 23, Bears 10 - match reports

Bears lose to Packers 23-10 at Lambeau - Even Larry Mayer can't sugarcoat this loss to any extent.

Larry Mayer's game blog - Q. "Should I put off homework to watch the game?" Larry: "Do your homework now!" (How prescient.)

Bears stunned by TD on fake field goal - Larry Mayer: "The fake field goal took momentum from us," said coach Lovie Smith. Plus, Bears' defensive plays.

Bears struggle across the board on offense - Larry Mayer: The offense's poor performance in the Bears' disappointing loss was a group effort.

Rapid Reaction: Packers 23, Bears 10 - Kevin Seifert's thoughts on Thursday night's events at Lambeau Field.

Bears fail to pass test in 23-10 loss to Packers - Sean Jensen: More telling comment was far less publicized, when Cutler tempered expectations during the same news conference Tuesday. “We have to be careful,” he said. “We’ve only played one game.” Michael C. Wright's halftime thoughts.

Packers pummel Cutler as defense regains footing - Green Bay picks off Chicago QB four times and sack him seven en route to a 23-10 win over its NFC North rival.

Packers beat Bears 23-10 - Brad Biggs: Once again Jay Cutler pales in comparison to Aaron Rodgers as Packers quiet Week 1 hype.

Bears spin wheels in 23-10 loss to Packers - Fred Mitchell: The hype and euphoria surrounding the Bears' newfound offensive weaponry was tempered Thursday after a dismal performance against the Packers.

Packers' D dominates Bears - Green Bay's defense dominated Chicago and reminded everyone there's no need to panic about Week 1 results, and that the Packers are very much Super Bowl contenders.

[Video] Bears vs. Packers highlights - The Packers used a dominant defensive performance to defeat the Bears 23-10. Packers' defense throttles Bears - "Dominant defense with a steady dose of running plays." That was Gregg Rosenthal's assessment of the Ditkadamned Pack.

Packers defense comes up big in win over Bears - Brian Urlacher: 'Maybe we're not as good as we thought we were. We've got a long ways to go.''

Ugly loss for Bears - Maggie Hendricks: While a 1-1 record is not a reason to panic, it does give the Bears plenty to work on before playing St. Louis on Sept. 23.

Game box score - Also, play-by-play and drive logs, player stats.

Cutler frustrated

Cutler pointing fingers but no thumb - Moon Mullin: Jay Cutler had a rough night in Green Bay yet seemed to take out his frustration on teammates along the OL. Does the Bears franchise QB still have some growing up to do?

Cutler could do little right vs. pressure - Was 7th best in the NFL last season at throws of 10+ yards downfield, struggled to do so vs the Pack.

Charles Woodson: Same-old Jay Cutler - Packers have intercepted Cutler 15 times in six regular-season games during his career in Chicago.

Cutler defends frustration: 'I care about this' - Michael C. Wright: J’Marcus Webb seemed to take the brunt of Cutler’s wrath for missing on blocks that led to sacks and hits on the QB.

Cutler rattled but defiant - Kevin Seifert: "Cutler produced one of the worst games of his career in the second game of a season he has been given everything he could have ever hoped for." Except for an offensive line, Kevin.

[Video] Cutler struggles in loss to Packers - Herm Edwards breaks down Jay Cutler's emotional play and the injury to Matt Forte in the Bears' loss to the Packers.

Bad night for Cutler on field, worse night off it - Adam Hoge: Fair or not, most leaders take all the blame for a performance like Thursday's, even though they certainly do not deserve all of it. But Cutler? He hardly took any.

Cutler talks trash, throws picks, gets sacked in embarrassing loss - 23-10 disaster was nowhere near as competitive as the score indicated.

Cutler goes off on J'Marcus Webb - "Bears QB lost it during game with the Packers." Maybe he was asking for a J-Webb Nation t-shirt?

More analysis

Brad Biggs: 10 thoughts - Plenty to get to with Jay Cutler, who had another lousy outing against the Packers, and his WRs that did a sudden disappearing act.

Michael C. Wright's Report Card - Grades the Bears in their 23-10 week 2 loss to the Packers: Gimme an F ...

Cutler had little help as Bears dominated by Packers - For all the talk about how jettisoning Martz would magically fix the Bears' passing game, we learned Thursday that maybe Martz wasn't the only problem.

How good are Bears? Urlacher, Marshall have different views - Moon Mullin: Urlacher feels the Bears have a long way to go in order to be as good as the hype surrounding them suggested. Marshall disagrees. Meanwhile, how bad was J'Marcus Webb?

[Video] View from the Moon - Moon Mullin talks Bears' morale on PGL and if Cutler is showing a lack of composure. Bonus: Spice Adams injects a little of his personality into proceedings.

Bears revert to old problems in loss to Packers - Jon Greenberg: What happened to the cocksure QB and his merry band of big, bad receivers? Well, for one, the game started.

Bears offense disappears in loss to Packers - Moon Mullin: So much for the Bears offense that was going to be good enough to carry the defense when need be in 2012. Not so fast.

[Video] PGL analysis - The PGL crew discuss what went wrong with the Bears' offense.

Fake field goal catches Bears napping - Mark Potash: Rare mental breakdown for the Bears’ vaunted special teams and coordinator Dave Toub typified a disappointing night of errors and missed opportunities.

Trick play: Deception bites Bears - Fred Mitchell: The Bears defense and special teams pride themselves on taking chances, going for broke. Sometimes that strategy works, occasionally it backfires.

Packers planned fake FG for ‘two or three years’ - Adam Hoge: It's not often that the Bears get caught off guard by a huge special teams play from their opponent, but that's exactly what happened.

Packers risk it and succeed on ‘gutsy’ fourth-and-26 fake FG - Nothing was working for the Packers in the red zone, so Mike McCarthy reached into his bag of tricks.

Packers play a little shut-mouth football - Rick Morrissey: That Bears offense is not quite all that you, I and Jay Cutler made it out to be. They need an offensive line

Blame for Bears loss is obvious - Dan Bernstein: I’ve had enough of this whole Mike Martz thing.

Same old thing for new Bears offense - Rosendoom: The new-look Bears totaled 47 yards of offense in the first half against the Packers, but that was good considering they had zero in the first quarter.

This was a game that the Packers had to have — and they got it - Neil Hayes: The Packers were looking for a confidence boost — a springboard to their season — and that’s just what the Bears provided.

Packers put the Bears in their place - Kevin Seifert: Packers left the Bears' hype in ruins, limiting them to 168 total yards and 11 first downs in 57 plays.

Poor marks for offense, STs and coaches - Adam Hoge grades the Bears following the their 23-10 loss to the Packers at Lambeau.

What worked for the Bears against the Colts sure didn’t fly at Lambeau - Rick Telander: Turnovers and one TD are what happen to a team that’s not as good as the other one.

Can't count on these Bears - Michael Wilbon: Even though a whole lot of football remains, no team with real aspirations wants to deal with too many evenings like this.

So much for employing a potent ground plan - Joe Cowley: The Bears defense had to watch former Bears RB Cedric Benson almost out-play Forte and Bush combined, rushing for 81 yards and catching four balls for 35 yards.

Matt Bowen's game notes - How the Packers took advantage of matchups and frustrated the Bears' plans.

Three Bears - Too hot: Tillman. Too cold: Carimi. Just right: Peppers.

Brad Biggs' Four downs - Cutler struggles, Webb returns to form, GB DBs let their play speak for them, DL pass rush stands out.

Matt Forte injures right ankle - Vaughn McClure: Backup Michael Bush says he's ready to assume greater load if Bears top ball carrier misses time. Plus, game notes.

Photos - All the action from Lambeau Field. Some more.

Melton mocks Clay Matthews' sack move - When you do a sack dance, prepare to have an opponent mock you for it. Then again, the Matthews had the last laugh...

Rolling Stone magazine listed this as the greatest rock 'n roll song of all time some years ago. I wouldn't disagree.