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Jay Cutler is our Jerk

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Jay Cutler got his butt beat last night. He was scrambling for his life most of the evening, he took 7 sacks, and I lost count at how many times he was knocked down. He threw some poor passes, he chucked up 4 interceptions, although a couple looked like bobbles to me. He had 7 "almost" picks , and had a much publicized blow up at his left tackle, including a - GASP - walk by bumping to the leader of J'Webb Nation.

During the game there were quite a few of the obligatory shots of Jay Cutler looking sad and mopey. His body language was brought into question by various media sources and I can't forget the mentions about his punch-me face. He wasn't very nice in the post game press conference either. Jay Cutler has, and he always will, come across like an aloof jerk. But I don't give a damn, because he's my Jerk.

Bears fans have had ornery sons a bitches like George Halas, Ed Sprinkle, Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Doug Atkins, Steve McMichael, Keith Van Horn, and Olin Kreutz that we loved to cheer. So this Cutler as an a-hole business shouldn't be that big a deal. I like my quarterback with an edge to him. And as long as he accepts responsibility for his failings too, I have no problem with my QB calling out a teammate.

Jay's not perfect. He has his flaws. He's a gunslinger. And he's a jerk.

But he's our jerk.