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SBN's 'This Week in GIFs' - Colts RB Donald Brown drops pass versus Bears defense

Sometimes it's best to turn your eyes away from the burning sun, forget your woes, and laugh at other people at their own expense. SBN's GIF-master Jon Bois has his Week 2 GIF poll up and running, and it features an oops from Colts RB Donald Brown lats week versus the Chicago Bears.

Jon Bois: "Professional athletes' reaction times are quicker than ours, of course, and you can see it in how quickly they express disgust after they screw up. I'm fascinated whenever I see it. Maybe Donald Brown is throwing up his arms in reaction to the dropped ball that has totally not hit the ground yet. Or maybe he's lamenting a botched toss right in Week 13, in which Andrew Luck has abandoned football to study carpentry and Marques Tuiasosopo is starting behind center for the Colts. You just never know."

The play mentioned is below, and it is one of eight that he is featuring in his best-of Poll for this week. Check this out, then head over and cast your vote.