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The Bears Den: September 15, 2012 - Week 2 News and Notes

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"...where these are better days baby, there’s better days shining through."

NFL is all about week-to-week swings - Jeff Joniak: In a span of five days, we’ve already witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of a football season. It’s not unusual.

Can the Bears afford to alter O-line? Can they afford not to? - Moon Mullin: The OL had a decidedly poor game Thursday night and while blame does fall on Jay Cutler, too, the QB appears to have lost faith in the big guys up front.

Bears experienced similar situation in ’11, bounced back - Mark Potash: The Bears recovered from 30-13 loss to the Saints last year to win six of their next eight games.

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All things Cutler

A question of Cutler nerves for a second straight game - Moon Mullin: Cutler seemed scared, early and throughout. Has he, certainly where the Packers are concerned, lost his nerve?

Short temper not cutting it for Jay - Jim Miller: Everyone’s buttons that need to be pushed to motivate are different. For all anyone knows, Jay may know or feel those are the right ones to press with Webb. Jay has to manage it better. He has to manage himself better.

[Video] Cutler has to stay calm - When Herm Edwards is saying you need to calm down.....

[Video] Waddle: 'Saw a guy that was fustrated' - Tom Waddle discusses his thoughts on Jay Cutler's performance and Mike Tice's playcalling.

Jay Cutler owes Webb, OL an apology Tedy Bruschi: Jay Cutler owes J'Marcus Webb and the Bears' OL a public apology. J-Webb Nation t-shirts for everyone and "I'm sorry I got sacked 7 times" ought to do it.

Difference in Rodgers', Cutler's scolding - Kevin Seifert takes a look at Tedy Bruschi's assessment of the scoldings handed out by the two QBs.

[Video] Cutler has a bad day - More Jay Cutler fallout following the Bears' Thursday night loss to the Packers. Fun fact: Cutler is the most pressured QB after Tebow. Go, Webb Nation!

Lomas Brown: Cutler has fragile character - Former seven-time Pro Bowler offensive lineman Lomas Brown questions double standard Cutler has for Marshall compared to Webb. Tom Waddle's pointed out Marshall's done more for Cutler, and isn't the one getting him killed.

A deeper look at Cutler’s clunkers - Nick Shepkowski: QB has had more sub-50 QB rating games since joining Bears in 2009 than Brady, Brees, the Mannings, Roethlisberger, Ryan, Rodgers, Schaub and Romo, combined.

"Terry Bradshaw: I wouldn’t want to meet Cutler" - Sensationalistic headline writer completely reverses what Bradshaw actually says: "His body language for a person that’s never met him suggests he’s not a person I really want to meet, but that’s kind of a silly thing. I’d really like to sit down with him and I’d have a better understanding of what makes him tick."

Former Bears captain Adewale Ogunleye rips into Jay Cutler - Calls out Cutler for not having sense of accountability or ever smiling. Doesn't seem to have noticed it's taken 119 sacks in 43 games (not even including QB hits, of which there were 14 on Thursday alone) for his former team's QB to call out the OL, or the plentitude of media appearances when he's not just taken a beating.

Cutler: 'This Isn't a Hobby For Me' - Maggie Hendricks: A QB who doesn't care about winning is not the man you want leading your team. The problem comes when Cutler can't let go of those frustrations when it's time to line up and play.

Jay Cutler is a bad leader: get over it - Matt Abbatacola: Cutler doesn’t stand in front of the cameras and take blame for a poor performance. Last time I checked, he isn’t paid for that. Cutler will do his job. Let’s get an OL that can do theirs.

[Video] What did we learn about Cutler? - Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith compete to see which of them can be more annoying. Let us know in the comments who wins if you manage to last through the entire videoclip.

Bears fear a potential Cutler mutiny - Ugh.

The Great Pretender - Dat Orkman, all he does is win.

Postgame analysis & grades

Five things we learned - Jeff Dickerson with five things we learned following the Bears' 23-10 loss to the Packers.

Laurence Holmes' breakdown: 24 hours later - The Bears passed on first down seven times in the first half alone, for -4 yards (including a 24-yard gain from a PI call).

Dan Pompei's grades - QB, OL and receivers all were dreadful in defeat.

[Video] Pompei & Haugh's postgame analysis - Bad gameplan from Tice, and more thoughts on what went wrong.

ProFootballFocus: Three performances of note - Analysing Cutler, the CBs, and the OTs.

Moon Mullin's grades: Defense - Against one of the top offenses in the NFL, and with no margin for error because of the inept play of the Bears’ offense, the front-four rotation stood up to the Packers and had six other hits on Aaron Rodgers.

Moon Mullin's grades: Offense - QB, OL competing for "Worst of the Worst" award.

Free Head Exam: Chicago Bears - Kevin Seifert: After the Bears' 23-10 loss to the Packers, three issues that merit further examination.

Bears, Packers have plenty to fix - Michael Lombardi: Given how bad their OL is, it's hard to think the Bears can win on the road against top-tier DLs. There is time for improvement, but it has to happen sooner rather than later.

10 observations - Mark Potash: As bad as they were in a 23-10 loss that was uglier than the score indicated, the Bears lost just one game Thursday night — but an immeasurable amount of trust.

Brandon Marshall: We have to practice, regroup - Jeff Dickerson: If Green Bay's No. 1 goal on defense was to eliminate the threat of Bears receiver Brandon Marshall -- Mission accomplished.

Who stood out in ugly Bears loss? - Maggie Hendricks' Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears.

[Video] Matt Bowen's playbook - Bowen gets on the whiteboard to break down how Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver beat the cover-2 for a TD.

Play of the game in slow motion - Dan Pompei breaks down the fake field goal. I know, it sucks for us, but it was pivotal.

Matt Forte might be out 2-6 weeks with sprained ankle - Mark Potash: Bears had not contacted Bell as of late Friday ­afternoon. Plus, game notes.

No indications that Matt Forte will miss extended time - Brad Biggs: Bears bringing in FA Steve Slaton for a workout just in case. Plus, team notes.

Bears must regroup for rebuilding Rams - Brad Biggs: Jay Cutler and his OL have more than a week to get their act back together physically and emotionally.

J'Marcus Webb stays positive via social media - "It's not how one deals with a win. How does one deal with a loss or bad game?" By getting on social media to tweet trite attempts at philosophy, according to J-Webb's Art of Suck.

Everything else

Durkin’s Playbook - Rookie TE Rodriguez fueling Bears offense with blocks.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Using the 'All-22' tape to break down Ryan Fitzpatrick's poor read that led to Antonio Cromartie's pick-6.

Packers benefit from NFL's interesting 12 men on the field rule - Nick Roach wasn't out of bounds because his foot was still in the air. Yeah, it seems stupid but, like Megatron's non-TD, them's the rules.

Know thy enemy - Kevin Seifert's Free Head Exam: Green Bay Packers.

Know thy enemy - 49ers, Lions meet for the first time since The Handshake.

Know thy enemy - Kevin Seifert drops some nuggets of knowledge about the two remaining NFCN games.

Lolo Jones watch - Not dating Suh, contrary to rumours. Me 'n Just Dave breathe a sigh of relief.