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Bears Bring Back RB Kahlil Bell

Heeeeee's baaaaaaack...
Heeeeee's baaaaaaack...

Matt Forte left Thursday's game against the Packers with a high ankle sprain. Rumors yesterday had the Bears looking at former Texans running back Steve Slaton, and supposedly bringing him in for a workout today, but according to Vaughn McClure, the team is instead signing back Kahlil Bell on a one-year, minimum salary deal.

This means Forte is out for a few weeks at least, as high ankle sprains don't exactly offer the quickest recovery period. Michael Bush will in all likelihood have the start against St. Louis.

No word on what the corresponding roster move will be just yet; Forte probably isn't destined for IR with this move, so there will have to be a cut otherwise to bring Bell onboard.

Another interesting nugget from McClure on this - Bell was offered a pay cut to stay on the roster as the third running back, to $700K. On this minimum salary deal, he'll get a salary of $615K, costing him $85K overall, though he will be making marginally more per game on this deal.

Roster Move: The corresponding move is the waiving of safety Jeremy Jones.