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Final Fantasy Football II: From the Ground Up

This guy would have been my most productive player, period, last week.
This guy would have been my most productive player, period, last week.

It really feels good to have the NFL season back and running, even if the Bears themselves are coming off of a horrible outing. There's still plenty of NFL action going around, and fantasy time lends to some pretty interesting moments. For instance, in the Writers' League, we had two wins by over sixty points, Kev picking up a 35-point win over yours truly, and the league newcomers stumbling out of the gate. But, it happens.

I'll be honest, for whatever reason, the second Final Fantasy is probably my least favorite of the console games, so I'll just say this: The system of the game is built around how you use your characters; using spells and weapons makes your characters better at using them. In this way, you're basically building your characters in the way you want to use them, and finding what works best for them and you. In this, your fantasy team isn't so different; you're finding players that work for you and your team and plugging them in to replace what doesn't.

So with that, on to your Writers' League update.

Here are the results from last week's matches:

Cuddly Babystealers - Kev (124.62) Defeats Orange Shy Guy - Steven S. (89.10)
Toughactin Tinactins - David T (163.06) Defeates Hanie-mentum - Steve R. (98.52)
MobyDickinaFishbowl - Just Dave (91.02) Defeats DJMooreshrug - Dave G. (76.28)
Drunken Polar Bears - T.J. (146.26) Defeats Victorious Secret - Ashley C. (84.82)
I'm a Man I'm Forte - Sam (115.74) Defeats Lovie's Stern Mind - Doshi (108.12)
Nerfherders - Adam T (140.46) Defeats Chicago Wildcards - Brendan (103.74)

Yeah, I don't know what to say, aside from this could be pretty bad for me pretty quick - with two Lions on my team, I probably should have expected this. Also, their recaps are awesome.

Here are the week two matchups...

Orange Shy Guy - Steven S. (0.00) (0-1) vs Toughactin Tinactins - David T. (20.40) (1-0)
Cuddly Babystealers - Kev (13.24) (1-0) vs Nerfherders - Adam T (22.40) (1-0)
DJMooreshrug - Dave G. (27.60) (0-1) vs. Hanie-mentum - Steve R. (13.16) (0-1)
Victorious Secret - Ashley C. (10.00) (0-1) vs. MobyDickinaFishbowl - Just Dave (2.60) (1-0)
I'm a Man I'm Forte - Sam (0.00) (1-0) vs. Drunken Polar Bears - T.J. (0.00) (1-0)
Chicago Wildcards - Brendan (5.30) (0-1) vs. Lovie's Stern Mind - Doshi (0.00) (0-1)

And for a quick summary of everything that's happened in the new league week...

  • Dave Gilbert's picked up Randy Moss, dropping Denarius Moore. Brendan picked up Randall Cobb and dropped Laurent Robinson (who he tried to pawn off on me, grumble grumble). Doshi picked up Nate Burleson using the slot he picked up for dropping Jahvid Best. Just Dave swapped defenses, picking up the Denver defense for Buffalo's, then later picking up Cincinnati and dropping Denver. He also picked up Jacquizz Rodgers, dropping Ryan Williams, who was picked up on waivers by Dave Gilbert. TJ picked up Stephen Hill, dropping Greg Little. And Ashley dropped James Starks like he was on fire.
  • No other trades or anything to report at this time, so it looks like people are rolling with the waiver wire for now.

Anything catch your eye about the league this week? What are your predictions on this week's matchups?