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Chicago Bears Reason to Celebrate: Week 2 - Jay Cutler's Health


Seven sacks, which was the most in a single contest for Jay Cutler since that one time (a time that shall not be named) where he was knocked out of the game after about a half of football.

After getting whipped by the Packers last Thursday night, is there really anything to celebrate? You bet there is. Our QB came out unscathed (at least physically) and relatively intact.

We can't speak for Cutler's mental health after being hit, thrown to the ground, tripped, intercepted all night long, but Bears fans should breathe a big sigh of relief that Cutler managed to not get mangled too badly, and will be ready to come back out firing this week against the Rams.

There was a point in time where Twitter, WCG open threads, and even Facebook were all showing panic from the fanbase each time Cutler would get nailed. We can't afford to lose this guy again, especially so early in the season.

Next week, Mike Tice had better make some adjustments to keep his captain upright and better protected... Jay Cutler's health depends on it, and we're not just talking about his body.