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The Bears Den: September 17, 2012 - Week 2 News and Notes

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"...where there isn't much news due to the Bears having had the weekend off, so we hope you enjoy reading pseudoanalysis of Cutler's leadership skills."

DEs Wootton, McClellin showing promise - Vaughn McClure: Marinelli and DL coach Mike Phair aren't the only ones tutoring the young pass rushers. Twice a week, they spend a period during practice working exclusively with Peppers.

When will Jay Cutler be cured of having to be Jay Cutler? - "Why does Jay Cutler have to get fixed? Why can’t he just be a pretty good QB who delivers one or two terrible games a year? Isn’t that good enough?" (Thanks to Olsen82)

USAToday team report - Week 3 schedule works in Bears' favour.

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Cutler poutwatch 2012

Bears honeymoon over - Dan McNeil does his best Rosendoom impersonation over how awful a player, leader and all-round human being Jay Cutler really is.

Three R's for Cutler: Respectable, reasonable, responsible - David Haugh: "Notice Cutler didn't shove Garza. He preyed on the weakest lineman having the worst night." Maybe that's because his most important lineman's getting him killed the most, David.

Analysts say Cutler needs attitude adjustment - Bill Cowher: ‘‘He’s a good QB. But if he does not change his ways and this team does not go to the playoffs, they have to consider changing. He has to change.’’

QBs lead with more than talent - Matt Bowen: When it comes to being a pro's pro, Jay Cutler too often proves to be a rank amateur.

Jay Cutler’s antics aren’t among Bears’ problems - Joe Cowley: Urlacher, OL, playcalling more pressing issues than Cutler saying to J-Webb and his "Nation" what Peyton Manning and Tom Brady before him have said to their OLs.

To lead the Bears, Cutler will have to keep emotions in check - Chris Boden: The defensive side has three veteran leaders, led by Urlacher, and backed-up by Briggs and Tillman. The closest guy I can think of on offense otherwise is Roberto Garza. But how many O-linemen have ever truly had that role? Cutler needs to be that guy.

Smith could be ultimate casualty if Cutler issues not addressed - Moon Mullin: Losing does not build character. Losing reveals character.

Other Bears news

Nightmare performance for Chicago Offense - There is a bright side: the Bears didn’t hit their stride until five games into the season last year. They got too high after beating a bad team last week; the worst thing anyone can do is get too low after the performance against the Packers.

Bears bring back RB Bell - Vaughn McClure: Bears worked out Steve Slaton and former Jaguar DuJuan Harris, but opted to go with the player familiar with Mike Tice's system.

Bears bring back Bell with Forte nursing injury - Mark Potash: Is in the Forte mold as a versatile runner and receiver. He has played with the Bears the last four seasons, including three starts in 2011.

Bears need Forte to get running game on track - Brad Biggs: He's not expected to miss much time, and Bush is paid well to step up in his absence, but the RB is integral to the offense.

[Video] Forte could be out at least 1 month - ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell on how long Matt Forte could be out with a high ankle sprain.

Michael Bush provides insurance runs - Sean Jensen: Unlike Forte’s two previous backups, Bush is on the rise. His production has increased each season since 2008.

Bears’ defense keeps holding up its end of bargain - Mark Potash: Overshadowed by the offensive meltdown in a 23-10 loss to the Packers on Thursday night was another strong performance by the Bears’ aging defense.

Fantast Football notes - It's FF, but the analyses are usually worth a glance. Not surprisingly, the Bears' offense doesn't shine, though Michael Bush's stock is on the rise.

Cutler struggles against Packers, Capers' D - Has thrown twice as many interceptions (12) as touchdown passes (6) in his six meetings with Dom Capers’ defense since both arrived at their current jobs in 2009.

Bears' inability to adapt to Green Bay's defense proves costly - Kip Lewis: With Green Bay successfully running a 2-man defense Thursday night, the Bears didn't change their offensive scheme in a few ways that could've led to more offensive success.

Will high-effort McClellin wear down like Redskins' Ryan Kerrigan? - "He’ll start off playing hot, and as the year goes by, he’ll wear down and go quiet. All of a sudden his body is not fresh and all that hustle does not get as much. (McClellin) does not have enough in his body. Hustle guys wear down.”

Everything else

Matt Bowen's playbook - Bowen uses the 'All-22' film to breakdown the Packers' '2-Man' vs. Bears. It's painful to revisit, but worth learning.

Audibles at the line - Snippets from Football Outsiders' writers' email discussions with their thoughts on games. Trust me, you don't want to know what goes on in WCG writers' email discussions.

Know thy enemy - Colts 23, Vikings 20. Fun factoid: As a franchise, the Vikings still have not won in Indianapolis and are now 0-11 there all-time.

Know thy enemy - 49ers 27, Lions 19. And with that, the entire NFCN is at 1-1.

Know thy enemy - Facing a defense aligned in a deep zone to take away the big play, the Lions tried to minimise the mismatch by running the ball. Seems like a good idea; now, if only we had a running game we could lean on under those circumstances.....

Comedy week, since we could all do with a laugh. Salty language warning: Vader dropping Martz-bombs.