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NFL Thoughts Week 2: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Any game, any Sunday...
Any game, any Sunday...

NFL week 2 is nearly history, with only the Monday Nighter between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons left on the scheduled in what should be an intriguing game. I say 'should' because so far after two weeks in the NFL the handicappers and prognosticators have had a tough go of it. One thing's for certain, whoever wins tonight's game will see a boost in their Power Ranking.

This week featured some teams making statements after week one stinkers, some teams laying eggs after riding high in week one, and some fantastic individual performances to pepper the highlight reel. Now on to my Thoughts...

1) I think after 4 days most Bears fans should have the taste the Packers debacle out of their mouths. Glass half full perspective: It's only one game in a long season, all 4 NFC North teams are 1-1, and last year the Bears faced a similar week 2 bump before righting the ship. Glass half empty perspective: The playcalling issues, the offensive line, and Jay Cutler's mistakes were not an illusion. But I do expect the Bears to bounce back and trounce the Rams. No coach rallies the troops like Lovie Smith.

2) I suppose Dallas Cowboy fans could use a talking off the ledge too... The Seahawks are a much improved team from last year, and playing in Seattle is always tough. The Cowboys are a good team, and will be a player come playoff time.

3) The Jets offense came crashing back to earth after dropping 48 on the revamped Bills in week 1, by struggling to score against the Steelers. After two relatively early scoring drives netted them 10 points, the banged up Pittsburgh D tightened the screws and Mark Sanchez (10/27, 138 yards) struggled the rest of the way. Can you hear the Tim Tebow-ites starting to rumble?

4) It's one thing to play ugly and beat the Cleveland Browns, but to play ugly and knock off the Baltimore Ravens is another thing entirely. If the talented Philadelphia Eagles can clean up a few issues they may be able to flirt with that 'Dream Team' moniker.

5) I'll bet 19 carries for 22 yards isn't the kind of 2 game stat line Tennessee Titans fans had in mind for tailback Chris Johnson. I know at least one knucklehead that predicted he'll lead the league in rushing.

6) That collective WTF you heard yesterday afternoon was NFL Survivor Pool players watching the Patriots lose to the Cardinals. Seriously, Kevin Kolb led AZ to a win?

7) I love how the Houston Texans play football. Smash-mouth on both sides of the ball, but they have an aerial attack when needed.

8) It's almost unfair to schedule at 1pm (Eastern) kickoff time for west coast teams when traveling to the east coast. How else to explain the Dolphins beating Oakland 35-13?

9) I think the 49ers are the best team in the NFL right now, and Alex Smith may to be the best game manager type QB in the game today. He's a perfect fit for what they want to do offensively.

10) Eli Manning and the Giants passing offense; Wow.

And a bonus thought for the week... You gotta love the hypocrisy of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Preach player safety, yet still would like to see an 18 game schedule. Preach player safety, but still allow the replacement refs to call NFL games. Preach player safety, and still we have two teams each week with quick turnarounds getting ready for the Thursday Night game.