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Bears defensive back DJ Moore sounds off on QB Cutler

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Very, very rarely do you see the Chicago Bears making headlines like this (it's something Lovie Smith just doesn't tolerate), but when reporters constantly ask the same questions over and over hoping for a response, eventually, it will happen.

And after getting embarrassed on Thursday Night Football in what was built up to being one of the biggest games of the year, somebody finally provided an answer to those questions. That somebody was defensive back DJ Moore.

"Is it unfair to criticize Jay right now? Shoot, it's unfair for him to be like that toward J'Marcus," Moore said Monday. "In every game in every sport, there's always somebody who has a tough day. For you to come off on the sideline, once you holler at him it makes it seem like (Webb) is the only reason."

So, Moore is clearly frustrated, but did he say anything to his QB?

"I don't talk to him. He knows," Moore said. "But if I was J'Marcus, shoot ... it wouldn't have went down like that. You just can't ... then when (Cutler) shoved him stuff, man. I don't know.

"I don't feel for Cut. He knows what he was doing. I don't think you do that. I think if you have a problem with (Webb), maybe do that in the locker room or something. It's like bad-mouthing someone in the media. It's just weird.''

This is a story that I guarantee is not over, and I would expect a statement from the team, and maybe even an "explanation" from Moore that he didn't really mean it that way.

VIDEO UPDATE: Here is a video of the interview, courtesy of CSN Chicago.