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The Bears Den: September 18, 2012 - Week 3 News and Notes

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"...where Cutler blah blah bad leadership yadda yadda pouty..."

Cutler yet to master offense, emotions - Most QBs can maintain their passing mechanics facing a heavy pass rush, but Cutler struggles with this. He has also earned the reputation as a front-runner.

OL changes coming to Bears, but is Cutler apology? - "It's weird that the Bears can't seem to find a way to take safeguard their QB, who's been sacked nearly three times per game in his three-plus seasons with the team."

USAToday team report - "The Bears' biggest concern coming out of their disastrous 23-10 loss to the Packers should be the misguided notion of what passes for leadership at the QB position."

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Cutler poutwatch 2012 / DJ Moore's 15 minutes of fame

D.J. Moore finds Cutler's behavior 'just wrong' - Carimi: "Barely a shove."

D.J. Moore scolds Cutler - Vaughn McClure: Nickel back is not one to bite his tongue, and his statements likely echoed the feelings of others within the organization. Kevin Seifert isn't so sure about that.

Jay Cutler criticized by Bears teammate for yelling - Gregg Rosenthal: This is all part of the reason we like having Cutler in the NFL. The guy is never boring.

D.J. Moore said Jay Cutler's outburst was wrong - Michael C. Wright: Carimi said Cutler doesn't need to address the team.

[Video] CTL on DJ Moore's comments - The little guy echoed my thoughts: I'd rather hear what the team's other leaders have to say, than a guy looking for 15 minutes of fame.

[Audio] Don’t expect apology from Cutler - Brad Biggs joins Mully & Hanley to discuss Cutler controversy, the offensive line and the injury report.

Former players rip Cutler's sideline antics - Maggie Hendricks: "You don't get in your teammate's face and bump into him and think they're going to respond well. Treat a man with respect and there's a much better chance he will produce." What if they'd already tried that and it hasn't worked, Maggie? What if Cutler's already bought a J-Webb nation t-shirt and this is a last resort?

Lovie Smith tries to dismiss controversy - Joe Cowley: Lovie was asked if Cutler or J-Webb and his Nation had been spoken to about the flare-up, and he made it clear it was Bears business.

Smith supports Cutler, shrugs off criticism - Vaughn McClure: Lovie Smith voiced support Monday for Jay Cutler in the aftermath of the sideline confrontation between his QB and J'Marcus Webb during last Thursday's loss.

Forte anklewatch 2012

Lovie Smith says Matt Forte doesn't have high ankle sprain - Michael C. Wright: Club hasn't ruled him out for Sunday's game against the Rams.

Lovie Smith optimistic about injured Forte - Joe Cowley: "Matt Forte’s right ankle injury isn’t as bad as first thought. When approached by members of the media, he went into a jog to avoid any questions." Plus, team news.

Bears say Forte's ankle sprain is not serious - Brad Biggs on Forte's injury, Urlacher's participation in practice, and team news.

Production dips when Bush is starting RB - Moon Mullins tempers expectations with a look at Bush. Who doesn't like to see Bush?

O-Linewatch 2009 2010 2011 2012

Bears' offensive line shuffle at LG - Moon Mullin: First change being made to Cutler’s protective screen is at the expense of left guard Chris Spencer.

Bears making a move on the OL - Brad Biggs: Bears will start Chilo Rachal at left guard on Sunday when they host the St. Louis Rams at Soldier Field.

Bears bench Spencer for Rachal at LG - Jeff Dickerson: Chilo Rachal will start at left guard on Sunday in place of Chris Spencer.

[Video] Moon Mullin's update - Moon, Jiggetts discuss the changing of the guard (ha!) on the O-line, and why isn't Hester seeing the ball?

Other Bears news

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses if Hester will be more involved, if Webb will be replaced, and Lovie's record against the Rams.

[Video] Urlacher talks GB loss, Cutler, and Webb - Lou Canellis talks to Brian Urlacher about last week's game.

Bears sign TE Gabe Miller to PS - TE Dedrick Epps was signed to the New York Jets active roster.

[Video] Fox Chicago Bear Down - Mully joins Lou Canellis to discuss all things Bears from week 2.

Everything else

NFP Sunday Blitz - Dan Pompei: Examining the rookie QB trend; greatest Packer pass rushers and more.

Know thy enemy - PFF game refocus: Vikings at Colts, Week 2. Harvin, D playing well, Ponder isn't.

Know thy enemy - Kevin Seifert's Free Head Exam: Three issues, including the lack of explosiveness on offense.

Know thy enemy - PFF game refocus:Lions at 49ers, Week 2. Stafford unimpressive, Backus can pass protect but not run block, safeties a weakness without Delmas.

Know thy enemy - Kevin Seifert's Free Head Exam: Three issues, including the continued lack of an effective running game.

One for the rugby fans - I can't help thinking the "What my girlfriend thinks I do" and "What I actually do" pictures should be swapped.

I watched "The Last Samurai" after seeing this. He's not wrong!