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Fantasy Analysis: NFL Review - Week 2

I was a beast this week. Can I be Welker lite to Brady super, super, not even close calorie free Bradford? No, but if you can sell me high enough, do it, and if not I will be a flexer this year.
I was a beast this week. Can I be Welker lite to Brady super, super, not even close calorie free Bradford? No, but if you can sell me high enough, do it, and if not I will be a flexer this year.

As we come to the end of another week of football, everything has reversed directions - teams that rolled one week ground to a halt the next (Jets, Bears, Cowboys)....Teams we thought were dominant (Saints, Patriots) fell to teams we thought were weak (Panthers, Cardinals)...and along the way rising stars fall (Ogletree) and falling stars rise (Trent Richardson). Here's what I know - we just don't know yet.

Quarterbacks: Eli Manning is setting personal records, RGIII continues to surprise, Drew Brees is getting 300 yard games in losses (and so is Michael Vick). Cam Newton & Andy Dalton got back on track while Romo & Cutler got off track. Bradford decided to finally have an NFL game...Its kind of sad that in fantasy, guys like Cassel and Weeden technically had great games this week while getting handled, but at least Rivers showed back up. Peyton Manning ruined his teams chances in real life and fantasy but Matt Ryan keeps on trucking.

Running Backs: Spiller is going to be the steal of the year; no way they hand the job back to Jackson now...and Reggie Bush is certainly showing he can play the feature back role for the 2nd year in a row. Richardson got going in week 2, Foster continues to blister but Tate got enough behind him to dominate. Lynch, Rice, McCoy, Gore, Jones-Drew, Green-Ellis, Sproles and Ridley all had decent games....Surprise guys like Pierre Thomas, Battle, Goodson and Andre Brown showed up higher in rankings but are likely to fade back down fast. I was wrong about McGahee, he is still very effective, but Michael Turner looks like he hit the wall.

Wide Receivers: Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks are going to be great over the course of the year. Roddy White and Demaryius Thomas are looking more and more valuable, while Julio Jones stumbles and Eric Decker remains "meh". Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe showed some of that week to week boom or bust factor they carry that makes them #2/#3 guys. Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne, Malcolm Floyd, Percy Harvin, DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace, and Steve Johnson are all showing dependable #2 receiver performances....and so are Donnie Avery, Brandon Gibson, Miles Austin and Brandon LaFell! Calvin Johnson is playing well, but not well enough for a 1st round drafted receiver (fantasy wise). Marshall & Andrew Johnson came down hard, and Welker still isn't being used as he should. AJ Green is off to a slow start but will pick it up.

Tight Ends: Gronkowski, Graham, and Davis are living the #1 TE status the way its meant to be done but Antonio Gates is playing the injured game way too early this year. Never trust that guy. Guys like Dennis Pitta, Brent Celek, and Martellus Bennett are getting enough targets to be starting #1's come week 3 and at least 2 were likely UDFA to start the year. Tony Gonzalez is continuing his Atlanta renaissance. The rest are either substitutes (Donario) or in a big bag of "meh" guys heading for off again, on again seasons...Though Kyle Rudolph and Scott Chandler may stick.

D/ST: I hate you GB. Just saying. Texans, Patriots, and 49ers are all going to finish this season great in the rankings. I think the Bears will be in the middle of the top 10, and the Steelers recovered well. Baltimore and San Diego are likely to be trustworthy. I am not sold on Seattle and Arizona, but you have to acknowledge results, so here they are. It looks like Atlanta, rather than Denver, is going to be the consistent D.

Thursday Report: QB - He may be volatile, but Eli Manning remains a low to mid #1 QB and the Carolina matchup isn't bad. Cam Newton is probably in the same vote; I am saying lower end of the #1 group this week because the Giants have the edge speed to contain him like Tampa did, reducing his effectiveness and ability to run. RB - Watch the injury report on Bradshaw, but I would rank him down as a #2/3 even if he is playing. I don't trust Brown or Wilson in his stead yet (and yes, one might have a big day to make me eat my words, but so it goes). Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams are both "gambles" at the Flex spot; one will probably score and the other owner will wish his had. This week, I pick Stewart. He is more physical and just had a game to get back up to speed. WR - Start Hakeem Nicks & Victor Cruz....Steve Smith too. LaFell is worth a flex look too, a low #2/#3 WR option. TE - I am pretty much giving up on Olsen; he is far too replaceable. Martellus Bennett has worked his way onto my #1 TE list, with his 16 targets and 2 TDs over the first 2 games. D/ST - I am avoiding both D/ST units in 12 team leagues.

Injury Tracker: RB Ahmad Bradshaw, TE Aaron Hernandez, RB Matt Forte, RB Steve Jackson, WR Steve Smith, WR Hakeem Nicks, WR Pierre Garcon, WR Jeremy Maclin, TE Kevin Boss