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The Bears Den: September 19, 2012 - Week 3 News and Notes

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"...where you have to wonder what the media would be writing about this week if that nasty Jay Cutler hadn't been bullying poor little J'Marcus Webb."

Cutler on Webb: I shouldn't have bumped him - Said he talked with Webb and that they're both "moving on" from the incident.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Adewale Ogunleye’s comments about Cutler beg the question: when is it okay to get in a teammate’s face?

An appreciation: NFL Films President Steve Sabol - Sabol, NFL Films President and son of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol, died Tuesday after an 18-month battle with brain cancer. He was 69. Peter King's tribute.

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Cutler bumpwatch 2012

Cutler discusses moving on from loss - Larry Mayer: Cutler is confident that the Bears will rebound from their loss to the Packers beginning Sunday when they host the St. Louis Rams at Soldier Field.

Cutler says he was wrong to shove Webb - Has no second thoughts about yelling at him.

Jay Cutler leaves us questioning reality - Kevin Seifert can't believe that Jay Cutler has a short-term memory for his mistakes.

Alex Brown: Bears will have big decision on Cutler - Former Bear never really got to see a real QB during his playing career so I can understand why he doesn't recognise one now.

"I shouldn't have bumped J'Marcus Webb" - Joined Waddle & Silvy to discuss the incident.

Jay Cutler 'proud' of four-INT game vs. Packers - Jay be trippin'.

Pat on back for Marshall, bump for Webb? - Cutler explains why he didn't give Marshall the Webb treatment.

Fans' encouragement meant a lot to Cutler - Said he trusts Bears fans to realize that it's a long season full of highs and lows.

Jay Cutler talks Lovie Smith, dropped TD and fatherhood - Other topics from the weekly Jay Cutler Show.

Robbie Gould: Incident could unify, define Bears - "I think the best thing that we did this weekend was come in Saturday for film, instead of sitting on that loss for four days and coming in Monday."

Cutler regrets bumping Webb, but fine with confronting him - Would have been thrilled if Webb would have bumped him back. Or, better yet, shoved him: ‘Anything to let me know that, ‘Hey, I’m pissed off that I got beat, I’m going to try and rectify it, I’m going to try and get us back into this ballgame.’ ’’

In the big games, Cutler too often comes up small - Dan Pompei: "The numbers tell a discouraging tale when compared to peers such as Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers." A QB with next to no offensive talent around him for all but one game of his Bears career struggles sometimes against good teams compared to Rodgers and Rivers? You shock me, Pompei.

Cutler becoming the Bears Zambrano - Rosendoom does his thing.

Bears may have to make change at QB - Bill Cowher thinks that if he doesn't change his ways, the Bears may have to ditch the best talent they've had in 25. possibly 60, years. Because, you know, franchise-level quality QBs are so easy to come by.

Cutler should apologize to teammates - "If anyone is qualified to talk about the actions of Jay Cutler, it's three-time Super Bowl champion QB Troy Aikman." Apparently.

[Video] CTL panel on Cutler - Kaplan et al. discuss whether or not Cutler should take the blame blame Cutler.

True leaders know the difference between bullying and inspiring - Phil Rosenthal compares Cutler's incident with thoughts from the business world. Problem: I suspect a team collision sport is closer to the military than to a boardroom. What do our members with military experience think?

Golden opportunity for Jay Cutler - Jim Miller: All the answers about Cutler lie on the football field. All the gossip, finger pointing and frustration displayed goes away with hard work, good play, and winning. The Schein Nine - Adam Schein: "If Tom Brady or Peyton Manning had reacted to Webb's performance that way, they would have been lauded for their toughness."

Cutler usually rebounds well from terrible games - Mike Mulligan: But how will J'Marcus Webb respond to his clinker? His college coach is emphatically in his corner

Other Bears news

Four Downs - Should Cutler apologize to Webb? Should Carimi be move to LT? Will the Bears lose much going from Forte to Bush? Will Chris Long have at least two sacks?

Bears pushing the ball downfield - Kevin Seifert: Tice has followed through on a promise to prioritize the running game (O RLY?), but he is also employing some of the downfield elements he used as the Vikings' head coach.

NFCN Blog: Knee-jerk reactions - Quick thoughts on week 2's games.

Bears-Rams preview - Week 3: How the Bears and Rams stack up in the areas of QB, offense, defense, and special teams.

Bradford vs. Cutler – Rams have the edge - Moon Mullin: Just two games into the 2012 season, Sam Bradford has put up better numbers than Jay Cutler in just about every category and going into Sunday's showdown the Rams are the team with the more potent offense.

Singletary benched Rachal after missed practices for birth of son - Moon Mullin: Chilo Rachal will enter the Bears' starting lineup this Sunday in place of Chris Spencer. But the new left guard is all too familiar with the shoe on the other foot, as seen in his time with the 49ers.

Ask Moon - Readers' queries in the Green Bay aftermath.

Bears aren’t averse to playing trick ball, usually with little success - Mark Potash takes a look at some memorable trick plays in Bears history. One of them was against Ditka. It didn't end well.

Everything else

New documentary ‘‘Head Games” is a football horror film - Rick Telander: Helmets do little or nothing to prevent the brain from sloshing and tearing inside the skull.

NFCNorth Power Rankings - Kevin Seifert: At 1-1, no NFC North team is completely satisfied with its start to the 2012 season.

NFL Power Rankings - For what it's worth, CSNChicago has the Bears just outside the top 10.

Dan Pompei's NFL power rankings - For what they're worth. "If the Bears can't play with the Packers, they won't get where they want to go."

Matt Bowen's playbook - Breaks down Newton's 40-yard run from the 'Triple-Option' vs. Saints.

[Video] Matt Bowen's playbook - Breaking down Peyton Manning's 3rd INT vs. Falcons' Cover 3.

Know thy enemy - The Detroit press thinks the Lions should have thrown the ball more often and deeper against the best defense in the NFC, if not the NFL, which was playing the deep ball. That worked so well for the Bears against the Packers.

British comedy duo Armstrong & Miller.