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The Bears Den: September 20, 2012 - Week 3 News and Notes

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"...where we're glad Cutler Bumpwatch 2012 has blown over. Just kidding. We wish."

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Q. Will the Rams bring extra heat against this O-Line? A. Wouldn't you?

Alshon Jeffery needs more reps, Devin Hester less - Gene Chamberlain: Continuing to start Hester with a rookie as promising as Jeffery needing reps for the position opposite Marshall only holds back the offense's potential.

USAToday team report - Will Cutler find himself trying to look down the field with one eye on the pass rush? Do teammates still want to play for him? (Sigh.)

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Cutler bumpwatch 2012

Moore’s remarks about Cutler an anomaly on tight-knit Bears - Sean Jensen: Dez Clark said what made the Bears’ locker room so tight was a genuine like for one another and for Smith ...players bought into "the brotherhood," a mentality that they could say anything privately to one another or in a group and it would be held in confidence.

Lovie Smith sends internal critics a message - DJ Moore either isn't too bright or is making the most of his 15 minutes of fame. Plus, injury report.

Only time will tell for Jay Cutler - David Haugh: "St. Louis Rams unlikely to test the questionable mettle of the Bears QB as potential playoff teams undoubtedly will." Last season's pre-injury 5-game winning streak was all a fluke, obviously.

Brandon Marshall defends Jay Cutler - Says he wouldn't want to play with him if the QB didn't possess a fiery demeanor. QB got on Marshall's case during game, too.

Tough to believe in Jay Cutler - Jon Greenberg wrings his hands, channels his inner Propheteer.

Cutler makes it hard to believe - I managed two lines before deciding Rosendoom had robbed enough of my time.

D.J. Moore’s silencing is latest move catering to Cutler - Rick Morrissey ignores what Jurko was saying, that if you have something to say about a current teammate, it shouldn't be negative.

Cutler has newest sorry apology in pro sports - Because shoving a teammate in an attempt to get them fired up to play better than Ditkaawfully pathetic is just as bad as using a gay slur or PEDs.

Jay Cutler will never be the superstar he thinks he is - Greg Couch: "Two years ago, Cutler quit on the Bears against the Packers in the NFC championship game. He just tapped out, saying something or other hurt." If you read this after seeing that warning, you're a masochist.

Bears could be looking for a new coach, QB in 2013 - Mike Florio with his brand of "sports journalism".

I am Jay Cutler - A columnist defending Cutler's attitude and personality on the basis that it doesn't affect how well he plays? Controversial.

Chicago lucky to have Jay Cutler as QB - Jeff Fisher's Titans strongly considered Cutler before taking Vince Young #3 overall in the same draft (Q. Why? A, "Ask Bud Adams"). There's some perspective for you. [Audio] "Whoever’s generating this stuff, ought to back off and let him play."

Offensive Line

Bears equipped to run the rock with Bush, Rachal - Jim Miller: Bears may just indeed get off the bus running against the St. Louis Rams this Sunday.

The passion of J'Marcus Webb - Kevin Seifert: "I can understand why a fiery personality like Cutler would be quickly frustrated when he doesn't see similar passion in others." Thank Ditka for that, I thought for a moment J-Webb was tweeting his Nation about his love life. Or his passion for Ding-Dongs and Ho-Hos (I learned about American snacks from Bloom County and Outland so my references may be out of date.).

Jonathan Scott could be LT option - Jeff Dickerson: Veteran Jonathan Scott could be a LT option if J'Marcus Webb is benched.

[Video] Should Bears move Carimi to LT? - Mark Schlereth explains why moving Gabe Carimi to LT would create more problems than it would solve.

Bears O-line looking awfully familiar - Maybe Jay Cutler won't be shoving his linemen around if they get better at shoving around opposing defenses.

Jay Cutler professes faith, but is it blind? - Brad Biggs: The Bears allowed seven sacks and have given up nine for the season — more than every team except the Bengals, who have 10. It wasn't all on the OL, though.

Other Bears news

Angry Bears vs. chippy Rams; this should be good - Moon Mullin: Upcoming matchup against the Rams is sure to be full of entertainment as both teams have already played "borderline grumpy" already.

Lovie Smith ‘comfortable’ with Bush as starting RB - Who's not comfortable with more Bush?

Injury report - Peppers sitting out, Forte "making progress" but could still miss Sunday's game.

Lovie: Learn from loss and move on - Larry Mayer: Since 2006, the Bears are 14-4 in games immediately following losses of 10 points or more.

[Video] Jurko & Waddle's preview - Tom Waddle and John Jurkovic look forward to a bounce back week for the Bears when they host the St. Louis Rams at Soldier Field.

Know thy enemy - Dan Durkin previews the St. Louis Rams.

Photos - Bears practice at Halas Hall.

It’s time for a different spin on the Chicago Bears - Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr.: Last year the Bears laid an egg in week 2 to fall to 1-1, but went on to that 7-3 start before the Jay Cutler thumb injury.

Everything else

Matt Bowen's playbook - Breaking down Vernon Davis' TD courtesy of the 'Smash-7' vs. the Lions.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Bowen breaks down the Eagles' 'Hi-Lo Triple-In Flood'. Optional: have the TE hurdle the safety.

Playing MLB in Cover 2 should include wings or cape - It's written from a Vikings perspective, but is still an interesting piece on what it takes to patrol that centre of the defense.

Meet Jay Cutler's adorable son - Maggie Hendricks: "Jay Cutler's had a bad week, but he does have a really cute baby." Well, at least she found something else to talk about.

The NFL's cream of the crop and bottom of the barrel - Lester and Dave Gilbert with their week 3 best and worst power rankings.

SmokingJayCutler - Meant to be something of a rip on him (how can "the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports" be yelling at and bumping his LT if he's that apathetic?) but the article photo is actually quite funny.'s best of the week 2 cheerleaders - I may have found the next Mrs Spongie! (54/54 - They saved the best for last.)

My 10 year-old niece plays the cello. One day I'll share this with her.