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Chicago Bears vs. St. Louis Rams: 1st Quarter Open Thread


Since the Week 2 loss to the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football, the Chicago Bears have made headlines for reasons that Head Coach Lovie Smith typically has not had to deal with over the last several seasons in Chicago - Drama with his players.

It all started with QB Jay Cutler berating (and bumping) LT J'Marcus Webb for poor performance, followed by DB D.J. Moore's public criticism of Cutler's actions. Smith finally stepped in, and according to Moore, gently helped him understand that he handled the situation incorrectly.

Jay Cutler is a lightening rod for media scrutiny, but we all know there is one thing that heals all wounds: Winning. The Bears welcome the St. Louis Rams into Soldier Field this afternoon and hope to put all of this behind them, even if for only a week.

We expect a heavy dose of RB Michael Bush, early and often, with a few play-action shots to WR Brandon Marshall. The 1st Quarter is underway... Let's do it!