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NFL Thoughts Week 3: Chicago Bears and Beyond

<em>"Can I take a Mulligan on that last play call?"</em>
"Can I take a Mulligan on that last play call?"

So far it's been an interesting 2012 NFL season. I know we're only 3 games in to the 2012 season, but there are only three 3-0 teams remaining, and one of them is the Arizona Cardinals. There are only 2 winless teams left, and one of them is the New Orleans Saints. For all the issues I have with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, I'm OK with his vision of parity throughout the league. I think it adds excitement, and the old saying, 'On any given Sunday', has never been truer.

And when you think of excitement, you obviously think the Tennessee Titans? The Titans set an NFL record by scoring 5 touchdowns of 60 yards or longer in a single game, but all anyone is talking about is Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz and; What the hell was he thinking?

1) Last season around this time the Bears offense was struggling to find an identity, but if you remember, they did right the ship. Last year before Jay Cutler went down the '11 Bears offense was playing quite well and protecting the QB much better during the 5 game winning streak. This '12 version of the offense appears to have more talent, and I believe the protection issues will come around as the entire O gels.

2) With 6 more sacks the Bears have leaped to the top of the NFL in that category with 14. With a Monday Night trip to Arlington on the horizon to face the suspect Cowboys pass protection, expect that number to grow. And in case you're wondering the Bears are on pace for 74.5 sacks. The Chicago all time sack record of 72 was set in 1984.

3) It was a rough week for the refs, but now that the New England Patriots were "wronged" by the replacement refs, I expect a deal to be made that allows the official officials back by week 5.

4) How bad is the Saints defense? Maybe they needed the extra incentive after all.

5) When is the whole "ice the kicker" thing going to go away? I think it backfires more than it works.

6) And staying with that Jets Dolphins game for one more thought... Either make Tim Tebow a full time TE/FB or just let him be a backup QB. I don't think he could have looked any more foolish on this play.

7) Bigger upset; The Patriots losing to the Cardinals last week, or the 49ers losing to the Vikings this week?

8) And speaking of the Cardinals, I think it's time I give them their due. I keep waiting for their QB play to doom them, and Kevin Kolb keeps not screwing up. If Kolb can be content playing the game manager role, the Cardinals defense will keep them in a lot of games.

9) It's also time to give the Atlanta Falcons their due. Going to San Diego following a short week and dropping the Chargers 27-3 is impressive. I knew their offense would be tough to stop, but I didn't think their defense would be this good.

10) Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub lost a part of his ear on Sunday. I guess if you're gonna lose a part of your body to the game of football, a small chunk of the ear isn't all that bad.