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OSS: Dr. Stoic and Mr. Presser

Lovie Smith is Dr. Stoic and Mr. Presser

OSS: Dr. Stoic and Mr. Presser


Lovie Smith's impenetrable stoicism has always been a topic of intrigue in the media and with the fans. No matter the situation, the Chicago Bears Head Coach has always seemed to always have the same calm demeanor. Players have lauded that as him being a great coach to suit up for on Sundays, and many of the media and fans have often used it to challenge his fire and passion.

On the sideline, Lovie is still the same cool-blooded, even-tempered, challenge-flag assassin with a singular facial expression that would break Doyle Brunson and make Derek Zoolander envious. However, over the past couple of years, we have seen an entirely different Smith during his post-game press conferences.

During Monday's press conference*, Lovie Smith was extremely testy with the media, and especially to the Tribune's, Brad Biggs. When the beat reporter asked about the offense's poor starts this season, Smith replied that Biggs "lived in the past quite a bit" and "that he can't think much further on that". Biggs, one of the few reporters not afraid to ask the hard questions, challenged Smith's memory. Defensively, Lovie quickly responded "I don't need your help. Believe me, I don't need your help."

Not that Jay Cutler needs any more of a reason to be a jerk to the media, but Smith's testy and critical demeanor with them does not help set a good example. For the record, I am not a Cutler or Smith hater, nor do I believe myself to be an apologist. If the questions directed towards the Bears skipper had been ludicrous, or unwarranted, I would completely understand, and be fine, with his reactions. However, Biggs was asking a fair question, about a valid concern. Lovie's responses feel as if he believes his team is above criticism.

Now, on to the OSS, the real (only?) reason I have my name on the masthead of this (beautifully re-designed) website. Since Lovie Smith seems to have two personalities, one with a headset and one with a microphone, I have taken a play off the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie poster. Hope you enjoyed. And I apologize about the words and stuff. I'll be sure to cut that down in the future.

*The only video that I could find from the presser is the one on the Bears official site, and the "testy" parts have been edited out.

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