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The Bears Den: September 26, 2012 - Week 4 News and Notes

The Bears Den: September 26, 2012 - Week 4 News and Notes

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Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Did Cutler audible on Bush TD? Was Paea offside on Wright pick-6 play? Why was Hester used on that play in the endzone? Awards Watch - Jim Trotter: Tim Jennings among NFL's defensive stars after three weeks.

[Video] N 'if' L: What if the '85 Bears had lost Super Bowl XX? - Dave Dameshek ponders a world where the legacy of the Super Bowl Shuffle, Zubaz pants, and the Ryan bros' careers are wildly different had the '85 Bears lost Super Bowl XX. Blasphemy!

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Tale of the Tape - Week 4: Previewing Bears-Cowboys.

Cowboys Stadium has been kind to Bears - Mike Mulligan: Bears made considerable in-game adjustments in 2010 to turn around offensive line for a big victory on the way to NFC championship game.

Moon Mullin's Bears Schedule - Moon Mullin breaks down the Bears' remaining schedule, including this week's matchup with the very beatable Dallas Cowboys.

[Video] Thayer's game preview - Tom Thayer previews the Bears-Cowboys matchup and how the Bears DL could use stunts against a Dallas OL that were guilty of six false starts last week.

[Video] ESPN Hot Button - Jon Greenberg and Tim MacMahon debate whether Jay Cutler or Cowboys Tony Romo has the best chance for success. Should be better rather than best when it's out of two possibilities.

What Cowboys fans are seeing - How the new SBN will let Cowboys fans see our bickering for themselves with a few easy clicks of the mouse.

Other Bears news

NFCN Blog: Knee-jerk reactions - Kevin Seifert & colleagues give their quick takes on knee-jerk reactions to teams' performances; Seifert points out the Bears offense struggled early on in the past two seasons, too.

Joniak’s Journal - New offensive systems need time to grow and produce fruit. If you want the Bears to eventually win a Super Bowl, they will need their defense to routinely pressure the QB and take the ball away. That will NEVER change.

Larry Mayer: Bears offense a work in progress - Jay-C talks about being able to crawl before learning how to walk, let alone run. That's the new offense, not Camden Jack Cutler.

Football Outsiders: Quick Reads - Week 3: "The Bears just need to give up on passing in the first quarter." Cutler was bad but still did better than Rodgers, Sanchez, Romo, Vick, Rivers, Smith.....

Jay Cutler's inaccuracy hurting Offense - Maggie Hendricks: While getting sacked so often hurt the Bears QB against Green Bay, it doesn't explain why Cutler couldn't break the 200 mark against the Rams.

Bears remain fluid at running back - Brad Biggs: With Forte, Bush and Rodriguez nursing ailments, two more RBs in for workouts.

Most valuable non-QBs - Steve Silverman's eight most irreplaceable non-QBs in the league includes one Julius Peppers.

Stephen Paea deserves a game ball -'s Chris Burke takes a look back at the highlights of the week 3 games.

PFF's Team of the Week - "Jennings had his third fine outing in a row, giving up just eight yards on nine balls thrown at him (he defensed two and intercepted another)."

Tim Jennings has made habit of proving doubters wrong - Plus Hardin, ex-Bear Aromashodu, and how Cutler performs when under siege (clue: not well).

Ask Moon - Moon Mullin answers readers' questions regarding Tim Jennings and if the Bears' O is capable of getting on the same track as the D.

Refs rob Packers of victory, Bears fans actually feel kind of bad - Why it's OK, for the first time ever and only in this extreme circumstance, for a Bears fan to feel bad that the Packers lost.

[Video] Briggs & Thayer - A look back on the final play in Seattle. Gotta love Tom Thayer's lasting enmity for the Pack.

Everything else

Dan Pompei's NFL power rankings - For what they're worth, has Bears up two spots to #10.

NFL Power Rankings - For what they're worth, two writers have Bears jostling with the Eagles at the 10-11 slots.

A plan to end Goodell's clown college of refs - Rosenmoaning about the replacement referees. Probably has some valid points somewhere.

Know thy enemy - PFF's three performances of note from Seahawks-Packers. "Bryan Bulaga is off to a rough start this year having conceded 17 pressures in three games." And there is your dagger.

Know thy enemy - Kevin Seifert: Three issues that merit further examination after the Packers' 14-12 loss to the Seahawks. Ability to man up not among team's strengths.

Know thy enemy - PFF's three performances of note from Lions-Titans: Lions' OL overshadowed their big-name DL counterparts.

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