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NFL Ref Lockout: Reports Indicate a Deal is Imminent

The NFL Referee lockout has impacted the league and caused a firestorm amongst fans and the media. Now it appears they may be closer to a deal than farther away.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Various media folk are now reporting that a deal with the "actual" NFL referees is indeed coming sooner than we may have expected.

Per Adam Schefter:

As@mortreport is reporting, an agreement between NFL and NFLRA is at hand and both sides will work to have officials working this weekend

The details are still unclear, but to have them working this weekend would either mean replacement refs working tomorrow night, or guys being flown in for the Browns and Ravens on very short notice.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see which side gave up more. Perhaps the embarrassment of Monday Night Football was the kick in the pants they needed to move forward

We'll keep you updated as things become official.