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Browns @ Ravens: The Refs are back! TNF Open Thread

Browns @ Ravens: The Refs are back! TNF Open Thread

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Are the two combatants in this evenings game really an afterthought? After the Monday Night Screw Job on the Green Bay Packers in Seattle, the #1 topic of discussion around the NFL has been the replacement referees.

The real refs are back! From the twitter feed of the NFL Communications department;

The NFL has named the officiating crew for tonight's game in Baltimore between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

GENE STERATORE, beginning his 10th season in the NFL, is the referee and will lead the seven-man crew, which consists of umpire BILL SCHUSTER, head linesman WAYNE MACKIE, line judge JEFF SEEMAN, field judge BOB WAGGONER, side judge JIMMY DE BELL, and back judge GREG STEED.

The replay official is LARRY NEMMERS and the replay assistant KEN DOLLAR.

I'll bet the officiating crew receives a standing ovation tonight, and I'll set the over under at them getting booed for the first time at 13 minutes of the 1st quarter.

Us fans deserve a higher class of ref to shower with our displeasure. And thanks to the owners coming to their senses we'll have that back starting tonight.

And speaking of the game, I'm not a fan of the quick turnaround that the players have to put their bodies through, but the Wu Tang Clan said it best, C.R.E.A.M.

The game itself looks like a mismatch on paper, but the Browns have been playing better than what was expected of them, and the Ravens are coming off a hard fought Sunday nighter against the Patriots. I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns kept the game interesting.

And now a few links for your perusement;

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And enjoy...