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NFL Hall of Fame: 2013 Nominees include familiar names for Chicago Bears

The National Football League has announced its nominees for their Class of 2013, and it includes a couple of familiar faces for Chicago Bears fans.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

The Class of 2011 finally saw the induction of Chicago Bears legend Richard Dent, but can you name the last player from our team before him to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

That would be from 10 years ago... Dan Hampton, who was part of the class of 2002.

This year has a couple of familiar faces, and they were both offensive linemen: OT Jim Covert (1983-90) and Center Jay Hilgenberg (1981-91).

Both players have been nominated in years past, but neither have made it to the final round of voting. Covert is largely considered the best left tackle to ever don a Bears jersey, and Hilgenberg was an essential part of the line that led Walter Payton and Chicago to their 1985 Super Bowl victory.

Also nominated is DT Ted Washington, who bounced around the league throughout his career, but did play in Chicago in 2001-02.

Make sure to check out the entire list of 2013 nominees, and let us know what you think. Could this be Covert's year? Should Hilgenberg finally be a serious contender?