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This Week In Bears vs. Cowboys History

Join us for a trip down memory lane as we harken back to a past Chicago vs. Dallas match up.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Sunday, November 17th, 1985, is a day most Dallas Cowboy fans would like to forget. However for us Chicago Bears faithful, it's a day nearly as glorious as Sunday, January 26th, 1986 (SBXX, as if I even need to remind you). In the magical '85 season, on that fateful November day, the 10-0 Bears met up with the 7-3 Cowboys at old Texas Stadium, and they gave Big D the worst defeat in Dallas Cowboys history, 44-0. Say it with me now... Da Bears.

Not only was the 44 point drubbing their worst defeat ever, but it was also the first time Dallas was shut out in over 200 games!

For those of you that may not be able to recall that fantabulous day, allow me to paint the picture. It was the CBS #1 game that Sunday, and that meant Pat Summerall and John Madden. Some of you may not remember back when this broadcast team was the end all be all, but they were top notch. Hearing the smooth and steady Summerall paired with the excitement that Madden brought to the table was as good as it got back in the day.

You wanna talk about Bears football, well it doesn't get any better than this. Quarterback Steve Fuller, who was filling in for an injured Jim McMahon, was a mere 9-24 for 164 yards and an interception. But Sweetness himself went 1-1 for a 33 yard completion in this game. Walter Payton also chipped in in his more customary way, by rushing for 132 yards on 22 carries. Chicago absolutely killed them on the ground to the tune of 216 yards on 40 attempts, and 3 touchdowns. The 3 TDs were by Fuller, and back up running backs Dennis Gentry and Calvin Thomas. The Fridge even added a yard to that rushing total.

But no discussion of Bears football would be complete without talking about the Defense. Check out some of these superb stats.

Dallas was held to 52 yards rushing and 119 net passing yards. They turned the ball over 5 times, including a pick 6 by The Sackman himself Richard Dent and a pick 6 by L.A. Mike Richardson. Other interceptions were by Leslie Frazier and backup corner Ken Taylor.

The two Cowboy QBs were sacked 6 times; 2 by Dent, and 1 each by Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael, Otis Wilson, and Dave Duerson.

The Bears scoring was capped of by "Butt Head" Kevin Butler and his 3 field goals.

What made this game so sweet, besides the riveting spread laid out by Ditka's, was that there were still some doubters that weren't sold on the Greatness that was happening by a certain Navy and Orange clad football team. That played in a certain city adjacent to a certain lake and was led by perhaps the greatest moustachioed coach in all of professional football or all of professional sports for that matter. Da Coach. Da Bears.

Before we slap a nice tiny bow on this fantastic piece, I'd like to address a potential conundrum some of you may have. We are fully aware that the week of this particular 1985 game we are spotlighting does not correspond with the week we are currently in. But in our Bearscentric mind, this is Cowboys week. And we are spotlighting a past game from Cowboys week. Carry on...

So sit back my friends and enjoy this video package courtesy of the fine You Tube folks.