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Bears-Less Sunday Week 4: Sunday Night Football Open Thread

The Sunday Night game this week is the Giants at the Eagles. Come watch it with us in our Open Thread!

Al Bello - Getty Images

Maybe Dallas stays up late tonight to watch two of their division rivals face off on Sunday Night Football - after all, any edge we can get, right? I mean, um...

Anyway, the Giants and Eagles are both at 2-1, and the winner here moves to 3-1 and takes over the NFC East lead (for hopefully a full week). And the Eagles, for some reason, are at 2-1 despite having a league-high in turnovers (12) and getting Michael Vick hit like a pinata at a kid's birthday party - or rather, the nuts of the guy holding the pinata at the kid's birthday party, if you've ever watched AFV.

Things aren't entirely rosy in New York either, as the Giants have only six sacks this year with their exalted defensive line, but with a shoddy Philadelphia offensive line and the scrambler in Vick, watch this be a game where they double that number.

Anyway, here's your Sunday Night Football Open Thread - as always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).