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The Bears Den: September 5, 2012 - Week 1 News and Notes


"...where we're only 12 hours from real action, only four days away from our Bears."

Cutler discusses OL, Alshon, Brandon and more - Jay Cutler joined Waddle & Silvy to discuss all things Bears (and fatherhood). Worth a listen [audio].

[Audio] Brad Biggs: Urlacher needs to play Sunday - Joins Mully & Hanley and also discusses Okoye, McClellin, the DTs, McCown, Steltz (Dane rejoices!). Well worth the listen.

Peter King's TMQB - Reader mail, including one discussing the possibility that 5 DBs could become the base defense of the future.

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Urlacher kneewatch 2012

Why Urlacher will play vs. Colts - Kevin Seifert: If two days of heavy work cause a setback over the five-day period between Sept. 9 and Sept. 13, then it's hard to imagine that Urlacher would have made it through a full season anyway.

Urlacher mum on knee procedures - Joined Waddle & Silvy, optimistic about playing on Sunday and managing knee going forward. Worth listening to [audio].

[Video] CTL: Has Urlacher's secrecy regarding treatment backfired? - #54 bothered by implications of connection to Victor Conte but, according to Haugh, the Bears knew the story was coming. Panel discuss whether or not his belief that nobody wants to know about the face of the franchise is naive.

[Video] PTI on Brian Urlacher question - Wilbon & Kornheiser: Should Brian Urlacher play in the opener?

Recent history suggests that the Bears don’t handle injuries well - The Bears and Lovie Smith have earned the skepticism that has tempered enthusiasm for the team’s most anticipated season since at least 2006, maybe since the Ditka era.

Other Bears news

The Bears will win the NFC North: Here's why - Moon Mullin: I've overdosed on kool-aid.

Alshon Jeffery has Jay Cutler's attention - Kevin Seifert: Said Jeffery "is better than we expected" and expressed about as much confidence in a rookie WR that you'll hear from a QB in Week 1.

Bears don’t have a true answer to the bigger question at LT - Moon Mullin: Right now, J'Marcus Webb is the Bears answer at left tackle, but the bigger question is will he be able to hold onto that spot all season? If not, is Chris Williams the answer?

Bears, Cutler have yet to discuss new deal - Michael C. Wright: Shouldn't come as a surprise considering Cutler has two years remaining on the deal.

Bears ready to put pressure on Colts QB Andrew Luck - The Bears hope to be more consistent bringing pressure this season, and more blitzing may be part of the plan.

D.J. Moore glad to have 'White Chocolate' back on field - suckmyditka: that's racist.

Lean and healthy, Lovie Smith is in it for long haul - Dan Pompei: If Ditka was starting to burn out in his ninth season, Smith has reignited his fire, having dropped 29 pounds from this point last year.

Watch these free-agent vets who could help teams in need - If the Bears should find their pass rush or safety corps are lacking.....

Everything else

Fake NFL refs a real embarrassment - Rosendoom: The fake officials are bad. They make a ton of mistakes. Even Bears coach Lovie Smith showed emotion over it on the sideline.

NFL Storylines - Sam Farmer looks at what to expect from the season ahead.

PFT’s Week One picks - Mike Florio: Andrew Luck looks to be the real thing, but he’ll have to wait for a Week Two visit from the Vikings to get his first NFL win.

Silverman: 2012 NFL Predictions - Predicts a rematch Of Super Bowl XX, but with the Bears on the losing end. Let me correct that for you: Bears to win 46-10.

Associated Press power rankings - Panel have the Bears ranked between 7th and 13th.

NFCN Blog Power Rankings - NFL Week 1, for what they're worth. CSNChicago has theirs, too. NFL predictions 2012 - Mostly making the playoffs, but two Bears also listed in the "Stars who will have a subpar season" category.

National Football Post: 2012 NFL predictions - Five NFP writers pick everything from division winners to the Super Bowl champion.

A house is not a home - A team is not a family but it can function like one - especially for Brian Price.

Know thy enemy - Greg Jennings realizes this could be his final year in Green Bay, says he won't compromise number he's seeking.

When you think about it, it's kind of a dick move to break up with someone by singing about how you met someone new...