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Photo-caption Extravaganza: Future Andrew Luck

Q. "Hello – was your pregame meal delish? Seriously!?"

A. "….."
Q. "Hello – was your pregame meal delish? Seriously!?" A. "….."

This Sunday the Chicago Bears will host the Indianapolis Colts and their number one draft pick, quarterback Andrew Luck. He was the top pick overall, and his preseason stats were quite solid. A 89.3 QB rating, 62.1% completion in 66 attempts for 522 yards, and 3 TD to 2 picks. But this Sunday the rookie QB will face his toughest test in football. He'll travel to Chicago and take on the Monsters Of The Midway.

Julius Peppers will lead the rush men as they chase down the Colts QB. Brian Urlacher will be back patrolling the middle of the D. Lance Briggs will be covering ground like only he can. And the Bears will do their best to confuse the rookie with their various disguised coverages. It could get ugly for Andrew Luck.

After the jump the rules for this Photo-caption Extravaganza...

Mysterious Windy City Gridiron site manager Adam T, has pulled a few strings like only he can, and he has procured a photo from the future. This pic is taken of an interview given immediately after the Bears take on the Colts on September 9, 2012.

What we'd like to know is what question did the interviewer give to Luck, and what was his response. Remember to rec your favorites and the winner will see his or her winning caption inserted under the picture for all eternity!