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Final Fantasy Football I: Rescue Princess Sara!

It's official. Kevin Ogletree can fly. So who picked him up?
It's official. Kevin Ogletree can fly. So who picked him up?

It's finally time for the rest of the regular season to get underway, and that includes the WCG Writers' League, which we'll be giving you weekly updates on late Saturday nights (you know, so you can make fun of us and all - our failure exists for your enjoyment!).

And yes, that's another Final Fantasy reference in the title, and quite frankly, it's one that fits (as they hopefully all do) - your first mission in the original game is to rescue the king's daughter, who apparently was Princess Toadstool before Princess Toadstool was Princess Toadstool. And a little more evil. But the interesting thing to note about the encounter is that the boss of this early quest is, spoilers, someone you encounter much later in the game. Much like the fantasy season, this is only the beginning, and the rematch is in the yet-to-come distant future. But, you've gotta get through the first fight to get to the remainder of the game, and that rematch could either spell your victory in the fantasy football season, or your crushing defeat.

So with that nonsense out of the way, let's look at what's happened in the Writers' League the last two weeks, and what's going down tomorrow...

So to start, here's the schedule for the week:

Steven S. - Orange Shy Guy vs. Kev H - Cuddly Babystealers

David Taylor - Toughactin Tinactins vs. Steve R. - Hanie-mentum

Dave Gilbert - DJMooreshrug vs. Just Dave - MobyDickinaFishbowl

Ashley Czuba - Victorious Secret vs. TJ Shouse - Drunken Polar Bears

Sam Householder - I'm a Man I'm Forte vs. Doshi - Lovie's Stern Mind

Brendan Hess - Chicago Wildcards vs. Adam T - Nerfherders

The first matchups are always interesting - Kev and I as well as Dave Gilbert and Just Dave start our matchups with even slates as we didn't have anyone playing on Wednesday, while Brendan's opened a 38.60 point lead on Adam behind starting Hakeem Nicks, Dez Bryant, Ahmad Bradshaw and Dallas kicker Dan Bailey.

There've been quite a few pickups over the last two weeks, between the draft and tomorrow's games, so let's look at them...

  • There's been a fair amount of trading and dropping going on - Dave Gilbert elected to pick up Kyle Rudolph, dropping Jason Witten and his spleen, promptly picked up by David Taylor. Interesting move on Gilbert's part, though Witten is still one of the top tight ends when healthy.
  • Taylor also picked up Kevin Ogletree after his huge day, dropping Kendall Hunter, and also traded Jermaine Gresham to Gilbert for Roy Helu and Alshon Jeffery. Gilbert also grabbed Brandon LaFell. It's notable that the Davids Taylor and Gilbert have been involved in every trade thus far (with each other), and Gilbert also dropped Dallas Clark, who as of now has not been picked up.
  • Gilbert also picked up Mario Manningham, dropping Santana Moss. Yeah, I don't think any of his draft picks are actually on his team anymore.
  • It appears for whatever reason that we enjoy the Shanahan Running Back Carousel, as I dropped Tim Hightower for Evan Royster and Steve Ronkowski dropped Shane Vereen to pick up Alfred Morris.
  • Just Dave picked up Russell Wilson when he won the Seattle starting job, and after dropping and picking up Garrett Hartley in the transation, eventually dropped Andy Dalton.
  • Taylor dropped the Detroit defense. Bout time.

So there's your update on the Writers' League. Your thoughts? Who do you predict to win each matchup? Where do you think we're going wrong?