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NFL Week 1 - Colts @ Bears Pre-Game Open Thread


For both the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears, this very well could be their most anticipated Week 1 in a long time. The Colts were without Manning for the first time since he was drafted, and they were able to win a grand total of 2 games. That was their worst season since they won 1 in 1991. Enter: Andrew Luck, who experts say could be the best QB drafted into the NFL since, well, Peyton Manning. Anticipation has to be running high.

For the Bears, this could be the most potent offense it has ever fielded. Ever. The team has always been known as a defensive team, but if the offensive line can hold up, if they can just be average, this offense could put up some monstrous points. Cutler, Forte, Bush, Marshall, Hester, Jeffery... This could be an unstoppable machine.

Some quick game day links after the jump.

- Jon Greenberg says it's okay to believe in these Bears.

- John 'Moon' Mullin says the Bears offense will be the real focus of this game.

- Dan Pompei does some scouting.

- Patrick Mannelly will make some serious history today.

- Despite being ready to run the entire offense the way Peyton used to, Luck is up against a rough trend for rookie QBs.

Oh, and one final note: Replacement officials. They've been under the spotlight throughout the preseason (and rightfully so), but now it matters. Keep your fingers crossed that when (not if, but when) a game's outcome is affected by a blown call, it's not in Chicago when it happens.

Have fun!