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Bears' Offense Spoils Luck's Debut, Bears Defeat Colts 41-21

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The Colts picked up the first points of the game on a short interception return for a touchdown, when Jay Cutler missed Matt Forte on a flat route.

You think maybe Cutler got a little peeved from that?

Cutler was golden the remainder of the day, throwing for a pair of touchdowns and over three hundred yards. Brandon Marshall chipped in a hundred-yard receiving game in his own Bears debut and Michael Bush added a pair of rushing touchdowns himself in his own Bears debut, as the Bears put the pedal to the metal, storming their way to a 41-21 victory over Andrew Luck and the Colts.

Luck threw three interceptions, including two brilliant picks by Tim Jennings and a third tipped by Jennings to Chris Conte, and one touchdown in the fourth quarter on a slant to Donnie Avery en route to a 52.9 passer rating.

Quick, victorious numbers after the jump.

Jay Cutler: 21/35, 333 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT; 98.9 passer rating - sacked twice
Matt Forte: 16 carries, 80 yards, TD; 3 receptions, 40 yards
Michael Bush: 12 carries, 42 yards, 2 TD
Brandon Marshall: 9 receptions, 15 targets - 119 yards, TD
Alshon Jeffery: 3 receptions, 80 yards, TD
Henry Melton: 2 sacks
Corey Wootton: Sack

Andrew Luck: 23/45, 309 yards, TD, 3 INT; 52.9 passer rating - sacked three times
Donald Brown: 9 carries, 48 yards, TD
Reggie Wayne: 9 receptions, 135 yards
Donnie Avery: 3 receptions, 37 yards, TD
Coby Fleener: 6 receptions, 82 yards
Robert Mathis: 2 sacks