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Could Brian Kelly or Nick Saban be the the Chicago Bears next head coach?

Jim Miller says that the BCS Championship game might have a couple of names to keep an eye on...

Dave Martin

Black Monday saw a handful of NFL coaches get their walking papers, including our very own Lovie Smith. By the end of the day, General Manager Phil Emery already had three interviews set up-- Broncos OC Mike McCoy, Falcons ST coach Keith Armstrong, and Bucs OC Mike Sullivan-- and Bears fans can expect more candidates to surface in coming days.

While we wait on more movement from Halas Hall, Jim Miller provides a couple of names for foks to consider, and neither of them are currently in the NFL.

Miller says to keep an eye on the BCS Championship game, because both Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly and Alabama HC Nick Saban could end up in the big leagues for 2013.

"And I'd keep an eye on the two national championship coaches," Miller added. "[Notre Dame head coach] Brian Kelly is a guy of interest because his offense travels well, doesn't matter if [he has] a passing quarterback or a running quarterback, his defenses are always played well. I think he and obviously [Alabama head coach] Nick Saban are of interest and are on NFL radar screens.

"[Kelly] knows how to deal with teams, he's all about winning that that seems to be his only goal as a coach. I don't think Notre Dame, quite frankly, is his dream job. I think the guy's always wanted to make a case and make a jump to the National Football League."

Miller goes on to note that the Chicago Bears vacancy is likely the most coveted in the NFL, and that the Bears won't have any trouble attracting top-notch talent. While that may be the case, would Kelly or Saban be considered top-notch?

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