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Chicago Bears coaching candidates: What about Jon Gruden?

With Jon Gruden being under contract with ESPN, there won't be too much smoke before the fire. But with the Bears having what could be one of the most highly-desired HC vacancies in recent years, would Jon Gruden consider throwing his name in the ring?

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Jon Gruden last coached in the NFL in 2008, but his post-NFL career has been anything but disconnected from the game. Playboy (yes, the men's magazine) had a fantastic article on Gruden's work habits, and apparently, he spends all of his spare time watching film. Click this link for a fantastic multi-page read when you have 10-15 minutes to spare... This really is a fantastic look at the real Jon Gruden. Again, it is from Playboy, so use discretion.

It's a curious sight, this stocky man with freckled legs, tan shorts, tennis socks and black New Balance sneakers, a video clicker in hand and three Dell notebook computers spread on a glass table before him and a Samsung 42-inch monitor set up next to him. At this hour, four a.m., he is the only person awake within a square mile, the only soul within a half-mile, the only tenant of this strip mall who turns up before dawn, parks his white Mercedes next to the swamp, tears open a pack of spearmint Dentyne and begins grinding through eight straight hours of parsing football plays with Talmudic intensity.

Now, we know that watching film does not automatically qualify someone for an NFL head coaching job, but he's got quite the resume. Eleven seasons as a head coach, Super Bowl champ, five division titles, and a certified offensive mad-man (in a good way)... It still makes him an intriguing name to throw around when considering his future. Especially when you have a quarterback like Jay Cutler.

Phil Emery is lining up interviews, and will probably have a decision made in the next couple weeks. I would suspect that some of his meetings wil be made public, and some we won't hear about.

CSN Chicago's John 'Moon' Mullin doesn't like the idea (LINK), but Gruden might be the biggest name out there, and Phil Emery stated that money won't play a factor.

Cold the Bears lure Chuckie out of the booth and back onto the sideline? How would the fans react? Chicago is one of the biggest stages in the NFL, has a roster that could be considered top-10 in the league, and a GM that is obviously ready to kick things into high gear.

Could that happen?