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Update on Phil Emery's interview schedule for Bears HC candidates

As the names continue to pour in for potential candidates, let's take a step back to look at where we are right now.

Dustin Bradford

Trying to keep up with Phil Emery can be exhausting, and that's no surprise given his reputation for having a relentless sense of urgency. In the last day and a half, he's fired his head coach, met with the press, and already racking up frequent flyer miles heading out to conduct interviews.

After this afternoon's press conference (audio can be found HERE), in which he was willing to take as much time answering questions as was needed, Emery hopped on a plane to fly down to Atlanta, and is interviewing Falcons ST coach Keith Armstrong this evening. An interesting note that Jeff Dickerson tweeted: Armstrong would want Norv Turner to be his offensive coordinator.

Also scheduled is a Wednesday interview with Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan.

Fast forward to this Saturday morning, and Emery will sit down to interview Cowboys ST coach Joe DeCamillis in Dallas. I spoke with Dave Halprin, head blogger at SB Nation's Blogging the Boys, and here's what he had to say about DeCamillis:

"Joe DeCamillis is an energetic coach to say the least. At training camp practices, he's very vocal and is not shy about pointing out mistakes and running drills again until he gets what he wants. He's had a reputation as a special teams guru, but the Cowboys special teams have been very inconsistent during his tenure here. It's hard for me to think of him as a head coach given the ups and downs of his special teams units, but he's well-respected and no one can doubt his passion for the game."

Also worth noting, the Broncos will allow teams a short window to interview offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, whom the Bears have requested to interview, from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. McCoy is a hot commodity, and those interviews will take place in Denver.

Emery is going to be a busy man, but indicated that best case scenario is that he's made a hire by this year's East-West Shrine game, which is college football's all-star game, that will be played on January 19th in St. Petersburg, Florida.

As more interviews are officially scheduled, we will continue to provide updates to keep all of this in order.

Stay tuned...