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WCG Pick 'Em: The Conclusion

It's been a fun year with the first complete season of Windy City Gridiron Pick 'Em. We rolled through 17 weeks of the NFL season, but all good things come to an end, or so they say...

Jeff Zelevansky

It's time to announce the winners of the 2012 WCG Pick 'Em Contest:


Congratulations to Dane Noble on coming back from a 7-point deficit in week 13 to become the first WCG writer's champion. I'm sure if he was writing this, he'd have to thank Les and myself, as he couldn't have done it without our complete inability to pick games in the second half of the year. In all seriousness... congrats Dane. Unlike Craig Steltz, you are actually good at football-related stuff.

Final Staff Results:
1 169-86 Dane
2 167-88 TJ
3 166-89 Steven S
T4 165-90 Taylor, Ronk
6 164-91 Lester
7 163-92 Sam
8 162-93 Kay
9 160-95 Brendan
10 159-96 Kev
11 141-114 Gilbert
12 132-123 Spongie*

*Note: Spongie picked every game this year by the flip of a coin. This was never revealed to anyone until now, so if you're wondering what the heck he was doing all year, now you know. Gi(LOL)bert... probably should have done the same.


A gigantic huzzah goes out to LostinSTL, the first community champion for WCG. He was the last one to get his picks in... the last one in ALL three of the tie-breakers... yet pulled out an impressive 13 win week to claim the trophy. All the peppermints are belong to LostinSTL. As promised, I will be sending you something nice in the mail very soon. Email me your information and I'll get that out to you so you can post pictures on WCG and brag to all of the losers that lost.

Final Community Results:
1 13-3 LostinSTL
2 12-4 boondock_saint812 (won TB:1)
3 12-4 OyeJefe
4 11-5 Ditkavsworld

That's it for this year's WCG Pick 'Em. It's time to hang up our cleats, hit the relaxation button for a while, maybe get a few mental reps in here and there as we get our bodies and minds prepared for next season. Thanks for playing, and until then... let's all send our condolences to Gilbert and Spongie!