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Chicago Bears Poll Of The Day: Who do you want as the next Head Coach?

We want you to put on your GMs hat, and tell us who you'd like to see the Chicago Bears hire for their new head coach.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Emery has been a busy, busy general manager. There have already been over a dozen confirmed interviews or pending interviews for the vacant head coaching position of the Chicago Bears. Depending on how long some of Emery's targets are still alive in the postseason, he may bring in a few more candidates.

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Just last night there were conflicting reports whether or not Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly was a potential hire for the Bears. He's talked with the Philadelphia Eagles, and is currently out of the country, but is set to revisit the Eagles when he returns this weekend. Personally, I hope the Bears take a pass.

Today the Jacksonville Jaguars fired head coach Mike Mularkey, so there's one more job opening that the Bears have to traverse.

For my money, I'd like to see the Bears go with an offensive mind for their head coach. Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator, and possible 2012 NFL Coach of the Year, Bruce Arians, Denver Broncos O.C. Mike McCoy, Houston Texans O.C. Rick Dennison, all seem like good fits for the position.

The only in house candidate so far has been Dave Toub, but he's not the only special teams coach they've talked to.

Vote in the accompanying poll, and be sure to tell us why you picked who you picked. If you go with other be sure to let us know who your "other" is.