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Chicago Bears Dave Toub Starting to Interview With Teams For Non-HC Jobs

While still under contract with the Bears, Toub has received permission to talk to other teams about positions in their organization.


As reported yesterday afternoon in the Tribune, Dave Toub is taking meetings with other teams. The interesting part of that equation? They're for teams that already have a head coach.

Dave Toub is one of the 13 known candidates to become the next head coach of the Chicago Bears. But if that doesn't work out for him, the long-time special teams coordinator is expected to have a long list of options and he's already exploring them.

Toub interviewed with Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera on Wednesday, as first reported by the Charlotte Observer, and Toub is expected to interview with Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid in the next day or two, according to an NFL source.

While Toub is, by all accounts, still in the running for the head coaching position with the Bears, these interviews for non-Bears related positions are interesting. Andy Reid has long held Toub in high regard, and Rivera knows Toub from his own days with the Bears.

Is it a sign that Toub may not be the guy, and they're letting him explore options if a new coach doesn't want him? Perhaps. We'll see how the process goes.

Maybe you can trade a special teams coordinator for draft picks...