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Chicago Bears HC candidates to Adam Schefter: Phil Emery most prepared and detailed in interviews

Many Chicago Bears fans have grown weary of GM Phil Emery's approach in search of next head coach. But we have to remember he is a scout at his very core.

Jonathan Daniel

The list of Chicago Bears head coaching candidates has grown to more players than allowed on a football field at one time, and many fans have started wondering about the process that Phil Emery is conducting.

We have all heard about Emery's tireless work ethic, and at the end of the day, have to remember that he is a true scout at heart. The process of finding the next Chicago Bears head coach will undoubtedly lead to the most important decision Phil Emery will ever have to make in his role as General Manager, so it is no surprise that his search is coming across as thorough as it is.

I've stated before that I have exactly zero problems with Emery conducting as many interviews as he possibly can, and if that means sitting down with every single coordinator in the league, then fine by me. Collect as much intel and information as possible, as he has to be able to make the most informed, responsible decision of his career thus far.

NFL insider Adam Schefter apparently spoke with a couple of recent candidates, and shared this via Twitter Saturday morning:


For those who are growing weary, just relax. It may be unconventional, but at the end of the day, if Phil Emery is spending his time talking to as many coaches as possible, good on him.

The man is a scout, so let him do his scouting without criticism. After all, he has been charged with running an NFL franchise, so as fans, we should withhold judgement as to how he conducts his process. Just because we may not understand it, doesn't mean it is wrong...