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Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo high on Jets list for their GM vacancy

Jerry Angelo's tenure in Chicago had its ups and downs, but apparently he is high on the Jets list for their vacant General Manager position.

Jonathan Daniel

Jerry Angelo was hired by Chicago as General Manager in 2001, and he remained in that role through the 2011 season. During his 11 years with the Bears, he had 6 winning seasons, 4 playoff appearances, and one trip to the Super Bowl.

But Angelo failed to keep Chicago consistently competitive in the NFC North, and ownership decided that a new direction was necessary after 2011, and Angelo was replaced by Phil Emery.

A couple of in-depth looks at Jerry Angelo's tenure in Chicago:

- Steve Ronkowski compares Angelo to other GM candidates from last season.

- Timothy Hockemeyer breaks down Angelo's drafting philosophy through the years.

What Jerry Angelo's draft-day War Room may look like:


Angelo's failures in the NFL Draft are well-documented, but he was named the 8th-best GM in pro sports in 2007, and best in Chicago at that time.

If the Jets end up signing Angelo as their guy, they need to understand: He was always pretty average. A few good years, and a few bad years, with a lot of consistent mediocrity in between.

In the NFL, consistency is the key, and, at least in Chicago, he was never more than consistently average.

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