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2013 NFL Playoffs, NFC Divisional Round: Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons Open Thread

The winner of today's match up will face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.


NFC Divisional round: Seahawks vs. Falcons

SB Nation blogs: Field Gulls | The Falcoholic

Game Date/Time: Sunday, Jan. 13, 1 p.m. ET
Location: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA
TV Schedule: FOX
NFL odds: Falcons -2.5
NFL picks: Seahawks, 24-20

As noted earlier today on ESPN, Russell Wilson has been in the NFL for five months, and already won a playoff game. Matt Ryan has been in the league for five years, and has never won in the post-season. Could this year be when Ryan turns the corner?

Sure, every year we hear about a player that has yet to do something in his career-- Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was stigmatized for many things over the years.

First, he had never led a team to a winning season since high school. Then, he did.

Next, he'd never won a playoff game. And then he did that too.

Suddenly, the media moves on to the next guy to focus on the 'nevers', and we forget about the fabricated concerns that we'd heard about before.

Even Peyton Manning has been under that spotlight... You remember, the guy that has never won a ring. And then he did. And we moved on to the next guy.

With all of that said, Matt Ryan has an opportunity to shift the focus to someone else, and gets to play on his own field to boot. It's tough to win in Atlanta, and will be a huge challenge for rookie phenom Russell Wilson.

The fun thing is that we no longer have to sit back and watch the Packers play in the post-season.

This is your NFC Sunday Open Thread... Have fun!