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Bears Assistant Coaches: Chicago Reportedly Hires Aaron Kromer for Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

Wasting no time, the Bears have followed up the Trestman news with information on how the coaching staff will shake out. First up is a man who's been a part of a very successful New Orleans squad. Also, he's been with the new head coach before.

This is the Jason Statham walkaway look.
This is the Jason Statham walkaway look.
Chris Graythen

This is moving along at a nice clip. From Adam Schefter:

You may remember Aaron Kromer as the guy who filled in for Joe Vitt while Vitt was suspended for the first six games of the season. You may remember Vitt as the guy who filled in for Sean Payton while he was suspended for sixteen games.

You may also remember him from working with the Raiders on the O-line coaching staff from 2001-2004.

Coming off 5 years of Saints, Kromer has over 20 years of coaching staff, primarily working with offensive lineman. A lot of the success of the Saints passing attack over the past few years can be attributed to the offensive line, and that's Kromer's bread and butter. Before working with the Saints offensive line personnel, Kromer tutored the Saitns running backs in 2008

This seems to lend credence to the idea that Trestman will be calling the plays, and that Kromer will be facilitating a lot of the talent development on the offensive side of the ball. This duo has had some success in the past, it will be interesting to see if they get it duplicated here.

Remember, it's not official until it's officially stated by the team. As always, stick around and let us get all the Bears news you need to know for you.